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Pancakes and not Nonna’s pizza recipes

If you missed my email yesterday about why eggs could be your best friend when it comes to shrinking your waist line, go here:

​​​​​​Anyway, as promised…here’s some easy ways to bring eggs into your diet (which are less obvious than omelettes, scrambled, poached, boiled or fried eggs <<< which I love by the way):

1. Sweet potato pancakes:​​​

2. Gluten and dairy free savoury pancakes:​​

3. My ‘not quite Nonna’s’ pizza recipe:​​

4. The Fruci Fit ‘how to resist the cakes in Starbucks’ Brownies:​​

^^^ the secret ingredient may surprise you

5. Bacon, salmon and cream cheese bites:​​​​​


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