NEW: Our Ladies Only Workouts can be done from home or in-person with us in Marlborough, Chippenham or Devizes in our Private Ladies Only Studios. So no matter where you are - you can train with us!

We Help Wiltshire Women Over 40 Get Fit, Lose Weight And Re-Gain Control Of Their Eating Habits

Join 100's of Ladies Over 40 In Wiltshire who are losing weight & getting a head-turning look whilst having fun without giving up their favourite foods - you can too with our 28 Day Kickstart that you can do from home and with us in Marlborough, Chippenham, and Devizes.

Join Other Wiltshire Ladies Over 40 On Our 28 Day Kickstart In 3 Easy Steps

Once you've had a look around my website, Apply for the Fruci Fit 28 Day Week Kickstart programme by clicking 'Apply Now'.

I'll then either call or text you (your preference) just to answer any questions you have and to see if Fruci Fit can help you. 

If you're a good fit for our group & you like what we offer then we'll have a Kickstart meeting so I can help you get off to the best start. 

How Paula Lost 3 Stone In 5 Months Even With Home Schooling, A Full-Time Job, and Lockdown

How Sandra from Wiltshire went from lethargic and low on energy to booster her energy, being able to touch her toes and dropping inches from her legs, waist and hips

How Jane Is Now In Control Of Her Comfort Eating, More Confident & Can Walk For Miles (Despite Her Knee Issues)

"I have spent the last year very unwell and hence putting lots of weight on. I know I didn't have control and that was what was so scary..I have reached a point where enough is enough. I wanted to be able to get on the floor and play with my family again, but I couldn't.

Starting with Matt was the best thing I have done. He has modified the exercises to work within my limitations. The food is easy, quick and the family ask for seconds. And having the opportunity to plan with lots of different choices, certainly has taken one of the stresses from a busy life. He makes you work for it, yet the encouragement is inspiring. And his knowledge is endless.

I can’t quite believe that I have come this far and cracked it already.

3 stone 1lb down!" - Cassie from Wiltshire

Cassie started off in a mobility scooter. Working with Fruci Fit she eventually ran her first 5kg & now feels so much better.

How My Kickstart Works

"Matts Fit For Life System and overall approach to weight loss & health is second to none. The system takes care of you as a whole and makes it fun" - Annette

#1: A Food Program Thats Personalised To YOU And Sustainable
Being a registered and qualified nutritionist (not just a trainer) I'm more than equipped to assess your nutritional needs & your lifestyle needs to create a personalised approach to nutrition for you that gets you results but is also sustainable. I use the latest research to make this happen and even consult with a UK Registered Dietitian to make sure I'm delivering evidence based nutrition advice thats actionable. 

#2: Fitness Thats Actually FUN
Plenty of research shows that if you enjoy something you don't need motivation to actually do it. Sounds obvious, right? Amazing then that so many trainers simply try to train you so hard that you hurt the next day. Who enjoys that? Thats why I put so much effort into every training session to make sure its effective but FUN. That way you won't have to talk yourself into coming along - you'll simply want to! Not only that but training in groups also reduces the need for motivation, which is why we focus exclusively on group format training.  

#3: Psychology
Did you know that the biggest barriers to staying consistent with a new diet/fitness program are mostly psychological? Your mindset towards food and fitness make all the difference. For example if you use food as a comfort or a reward then its not a new diet you need or even a new training program, you need to rewire your mindset (easier than it sounds, btw). This is why at Fruci Fit I focus so heavily on this side of things. Using the latest research as well as input from a UK Registered Dietitian, I've got a simple system that reduces your cravings and gives you the mindset of a fitter, and more in control YOU. 

#4: A Real Supportive Environment
I could give you the most perfectly laid out plan but chances are, you'd still struggle to  implement it. Why? because naturally you'll have questions that crop up, you'll have doubts, you'll have dips in motivation/self-belief etc. Thats why at Fruci Fit I generously give my time to my clients and provide regular coaching/support sessions so that any roadblocks that crop up we work through them together as a team.  

How Nicnak Lost Over 5 Stone & Made Getting On and Off The Floor EASY

How Anna Lost Over A Stone & 15 Inches and Is Loving How Her Clothes Fit

How Judith Overcome Self Sabotage & Transformed The Way She Looks and Feels (& is loving the confidence she has when going out shopping)

How Sandy Stopped Snacking & Is Back Fitting Into Shorts She Hasn't Worn In 2 Years Ago

How Tracey is now able to stick to her exercise, is fitter, can now touch her toes, and is over 6 stone down

How Tracy Kept Her Strength Up Despite Hip Dysplasia & A Worry About Whether She Could Do It

About The Fruci Fit Team.

Matt Fruci
Qualified PT, Registered Nutritionist, MSc

Matt is a Registered Nutritionist  and Personal Trainer, with Postgraduate research interests in diet, exercise and Type 2 Diabetes. Matt grew up with what would now be considered an eating disorder: constant cycles of deprivation, binging followed by emotional guilt & weight re-gain. As a result of his experience he spent 7 years in University becoming a registered nutritionist & qualified personal trainer. During this time he's learnt how to 'fix' his relationship with food and now enjoys a much more balanced and emotionally fulfilling lifestyle. As a result he's been working with 100's of women over the past 3 years helping them improve their relationship with food, regain control of their eating habits and make this whole 'fitness thing' actually FUN and sustainable. His testimonials speak for themselves. 

Mike Sweeney
UK Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist

Mike started in sports science working with athletes from multiple disciplines helping them improve their performance with evidence based nutrition. He then trained as a clinical dietitian and worked at the NHS for 4 years. There he spent his time helping people manage their clinical conditions (such as IBS, diabetes, obesity, etc) using evidence based nutrition. More recently Mike works freelance and spends his time building tools, systems & education to help move the fitness industry forwards. Part of this work includes helping Fruci Fit deliver highly effective, minimally effort-full & evidence based nutrition & coaching practices that produce results.  

Katie Peace

Stretch and Cardio Teacher

Katie battled with anorexia for over a decade until she was admitted to hospital with organ failure. That was the wake up call she needed. Ever since she has re-educated herself in terms of nutrition and physical fitness and has now learned to love her body and what it can do. She's taught yoga all over the world, lifts weights and loves to run triathlons. She loves nothing more these days than helping people learn to move better and improve their body confidence along the way. Her motto is: "you don't have to love your body but you can love what it allows you to do". 

Julie Cable
Personal Coach

Julie always promised she’d return to the level of fitness she enjoyed before having a family. She spent three years trying to achieve this, with little success until she then joined the Fruci Fit programme and within 16 weeks, lost 2 stone and was planning a return to mountaineering.  Julie is truly proud to be part of the Fruci Fit team. Coaching individuals to fulfil their aspirations has been something she has done for many years. Combining this with the Fruci Fit principles, has allowed Julie to help other busy ladies achieve their goals – whether it’s to find time for exercise, lose some weight or just become a healthier person. For Julie being fit and healthy is about enabling you to live life and do things you enjoy.  For Julie, it’s outdoor pursuits walking across the countryside or undertaking some mad challenge that I never thought I could ever do. It always seems impossible until it’s done

Chloe Carret
Pilates, Barre and Ballet Fit Teacher

Chloe has had a passion for health and fitness. From dancing to being a professional dancer and then falling into the career of being a personal trainer. 

Chloe has always loved to be active and to live a holistic life as much as possible. 

Chloe enjoys helping those to feel their best through Pilates, barre, weight training and circuit training. Chloe has been a dance teacher for 8 years, a PT for 6 years, & a barre/Pilates instructor for 2 . 

“Take it one session at a time and one meal at a time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember everything takes time and patience”

Bindoo Rattan

Yoga Teacher

Bindoo is a retired nurse, midwife and health visitor who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.

Her main passion is Ashtanga yoga and she goes to India every January for a month's daily practice, to be with her teacher and the amazing yoga community in Kerala.  She also practices Iyengar yoga and is continuously learning. She is proud to teach yoga since she retired and loves to encourage people to become more aware of their bodies in connection with the monkey mind.  Nothing can be more powerful than learning to find relaxation and peace within their bodies.

Nothing gives her more satisfaction than to teach the ladies on the Fruci Fit programme and for them to discover the joy of yoga. Being part of the Fruci Fit team is a joy and such fun.


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Is It Online Or In-Person?

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