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I Help Ladies Lose Weight, Get Fit & Take Back Control Of Their Eating Habits On Our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme

Watch The Video Above To See How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods

3 Biggest Benefits

Support, Simple plans, Accountability = Guaranteed results


A private supportive community of positive like-minded ladies so you don't lose motivation or feel alone on your fitness journey


60 days worth of simple, fast but incredibly effective tone up workouts that are suited to your life that produces maximum results in minimum time (Like 12 minutes a day)


A PERSONALISED, bespoke nutrition program (with your input) based on YOUR preferences so that you can actually stick to it AND enjoy eating foods you love (which makes getting in shape EASY)

The plan

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    Come for your one to one, kickstart your weight loss, and have some fun doing it.
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    Look and feel great.


"At 4 weeks, I had lost 3 and half inches from my waist. 2 and a half from my hips."

"At 51, I was feeling fat,unhealthy and had no energy. I was also faced with being 'the mother of the bride' in September and didn't want to be 'the fat mother of the bride!'.

I joined Matt's plan nervously after feeling deflated after diet groups and not being able to stick with them. Matt immediately puts you at ease! He takes care of you as 'a whole'. Food,fitness and focus. The food part is easy to fit into every day life and there is access to hundreds of recipes.

Matt has made fitness fun. His classes are for everyone,whatever you can or can't do. And it's easy to fit 5 or 10 mins exercise into your day at home. To be able to focus for 5 mins on yourself each day helps you to relax. Within 2 weeks,I had lost 11lbs.

At 4 weeks,I had lost 3 and half inches from my waist. 2 and a half from my hips. An inch from my bust and an inch off each thigh!! And Matt is always there to answer any questions.

I'm looking forward to seeing more results in the future. I'm feeling more confident about myself. Stronger and higher energy levels!! Only wish I'd found Matt earlier!!"


How Julie Transformed Her Food & Fitness Habits & Lost A Stone (Even With Fussy Eaters At Home & Having To Travel / Eat On The Go With Work)

I have spent the last year very unwell and hence putting lots of weight on. I know I didn't have control and that was what was so scary..I have reached a point where enough is enough. I wanted to be able to get on the floor and play with my family again, but I couldn't.

Starting with Matt was the best thing I have done. He has modified the exercises to work within my limitations. The food is easy, quick and the family ask for seconds. And having the opportunity to plan with lots of different choices, certainly has taken one of the stresses from a busy life. He makes you work for it, yet the encouragement is inspiring. And his knowledge is endless.

I can’t quite believe that I have come this far and cracked it already.

3 stone 1lb down!"


"Just 4 months on, I have lost 2.5 stone, dropped two dress sizes and lost 6 inches off my waistline "


"I thought I couldn't lose weight as I've exercised and ate healthily for years "

I thought I couldn't lose weight as I've exercised and ate healthily for years, but after just 5 weeks I'm lighter and losing inches! Matt has shown me that with a few changes to my diet and workouts I can shift the weight. Thanks for helping me, Matt.


"I actually look forward to exercise. I never thought I'd say that"

How Naomi Lost 1.5 Stone and 6.5 Inches From Her Waistline Without It Feeling 'Hard'


Benefits of Being Coached By Us

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    A one to one with me where we’ll go over your diet and fitness to personalise this for your lifestyle and put together a plan to give you direction and strategies to overcome any obstacles that have previously stopped you getting the results you want
  • A bespoke nutrition plan and shopping list personalised for your lifestyle so you know what you’re eating and when
  • Access to up to 3 45 minute workouts with me designed to improve muscle tone and fitness, all adapted for your needs
  • Support from like-minded ladies to keep you motivated and give yourself permission to do something for you
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    You’ll be given lifetime access to our Shift Training Portal which is packed with trainings to inspire and educate you so that you know exactly WHY you eat the way you do AND what to do about it so that you feel like you’re in control of food, drink and exercise
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    Simple 8 minute home workouts that you do anywhere, anytime (with no equipment) to tone up and get fit
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    1 to 1 personal coaching sessions with me so we can build a healthy eating and fitness programme that you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day
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    I’ll give you FULL CONTACT accountability so that you WIN at actually pulling off your mindset, nutrition, lifestyle and weight loss goals, I'll quite literally FORCE you to do what you said you would do (in the nicest possible way)
  • Weekly live training and coaching sessions online to support and guide you going forwards so you don’t lose motivation and overcome self sabotage
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    You'll get lifetime Access to my BRAND NEW “How to Beat Comfort Eating” workshop so that you make discipline, willpower and motivation simple. Plus, access to my "Power Sleep Protocol" where you'll discover how to hack your sleep so that you wake up feeling rested and refreshed