How I resist the cakes in Starbucks…

I walk in...

Ready to get my morning coffee.

Usually an Americano.

But sometimes a latte.

So, I'm in the queue.

and unless I copy everyone else and just check Facebook and my emails

^^^ as you're doing right now 😉

I find myself staring at a Triple Chocolate Cookie, a Chocolate Caramel Shortbread, and...

a fudgy, chocolatey brownie...

Now, I might not be able to compete with the Triple Chocolate Cookie or Chocolate Caramel Shortbread...

But these Fruci Fit 'bean' Brownies certainly give the fudgy, chocolatey brownies in Starbucks a good run for their 'tax avoiding' money.


* 240 g (1 tin) of drained red kidney beans (yes, you read that right...don't knock it until you try it)

* 80 ml of unsweetened almond milk

* 30 g of Gram flour (Chickpea flour...any will do but this is gluten-free)

* 15 g coconut flour

* 1 scoop of flavoured whey protein powder (I used cookies and cream)

^^^ You can substitute this for vanilla extract

* 5 g cocoa powder

* 5 g sodium bicarbonate or baking powder

* A dash of cinnamon

* 1 tsp apple cider vinegar

* 1 egg

* 30 g quark (low fat soft cheese)

Optional Toppings:

* 20 g chopped hazelnuts

* 25 g chopped dark chocolate (70%)


1) Blend all ingredients (apart from the toppings) in a blender

2) Pour the mixture into a 'bread' tin sprayed with 1 kcal fry spray

3) Top with the chopped hazelnuts and chocolate

4) Place in the over for 20 mins or until you get a 'clean knife' at 180C

5) Leave to cool and serve!

And that's it...

I portion them into 3 servings, but it could do 6 (I'm just greedy and enjoy getting weird looks when eating a massive brownie on a train...)

These are great for when you're 'on-the-go' (so move over Belvita...)

Per serving (1/3):

Protein: 20 g

Carbs: 26 g

Fat: 13 g


^^^ LOL

Speak soon,

Matt 'Syn FREE for life' Fruci

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