Eggs, cholesterol and spam

‘remove me. The amount you send is horrendous’

^^^ a message I got last week from someone clearly dissatisfied with the ‘spam’ I give you – for FREE.. every day

So today, I thought I’d give you a little summary of just some of the horrendous spam I send you (not the ham, I’m afraid)

* How many eggs can you eat per day?

* Is Butter better for you than avocado?

* Is organic food better for you?

* Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day:

^^^ Unless you’re having my Frittata recipe 🙂

Oh, and I also spammed BBC Radio Wiltshire last week here in an interview:

And just to confirm, if you don’t want my ‘horrendous’ daily tips and tricks on how to lose weight, tone and fit into your favourite clothes…for FREE

You can click the unsubscribe button which is at the bottom of every email I send you.

Because what I do and say is definitely not for everyone

Matt ‘now craving a tin of spam’ Fruci

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