Would you do THIS…3000 times?

So, not only have I recently found out that members on my body transformation programmes are pretty much ALL…


^^ Because you say ‘I can’t do that’….then do it a minute or 2 later (secret is in the DO…how do you know you can’t if you don’t try? Where’s your evidence?)

But I’ve also just found out what us humans are capable of doing…

You see, I’m chatting to one member on my body transformation programme -who- when we first met wanted to not ache in the mornings

Be less conscious about her weight and the way she looked (which would stop her getting involved with the kids activities)

And know what’s ‘good’ to eat for the whole family without spending hours cooking or depriving herself of the foods she loves.

Now, fast forward a few months…

And she tells me that…

She’s decided to run 5k in Brighton in September and do the ‘color run’ (where you get drenched in paint whilst running a 5k)

^^^^ Not bad for someone who’d worry about what the other mums would think of her for what she was wearing dropping the kids off (she used to hide under her baggy clothes even in the Summer)

And as I was researching these crazy races that are out there now

I came across one which was a 1-mile loop…

Which you had to do 3000 times…Yes… the same 1-mile loop… 3000 times

Definitely not for me


It did get me thinking about what you and me are both capable of doing

If you just become unattached to some of your beliefs that dictate your behaviours and what you do and say every day

Just like the members on my body transformation programme have done…

‘I can’t do push up’…

‘I can’t squat that low’

‘I can’t box’

‘I can’t hold that yoga position’

^^^ and you say it as you are actually doing it which makes me laugh every, single time!

And here’s my point:

To have a BREAKTHROUGH in this weight loss and toning up game

You have to BREAK – or at least challenge – some of your strongly held beliefs about losing weight and toning up

Which keep getting you stuck when it comes to getting your body back and fitting back into your favourite clothes

Leave you going ROUND and ROUND the latest diet trends… 3000 times…

Blaming your metabolism and willpower

Rather than questioning whether it’s because the cookie-cutter diet you’re on actually fits YOUR lifestyle

So you can stick to it…get rid of unwanted fat and ditch the baggy clothes for good

Which is exactly what you do in my 28-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge

Applications have just gone live today and I only have 10 spaces

Apply here:



PS. There will be no army trousers OR ‘banned’ foods

Just results that last

Take advantage of this opportunity here:


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