Why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day…

I was having a chat with a member on one of my body transformation programmes last week about BREAKFAST…

Fact is, she doesn’t like eating first thing in the morning

She’s busy sorting the kids out

And she’s just not hungry

Now, in the past she’s just forced it down because it ‘spikes your metabolism’

And I get it.

I used to think this, too.

Because they tell you that it’s the most important meal of the day

and that you HAVE to eat breakfast

Or you won’t lose your stomach fat

Then you have Dr Google telling you that your body will go into ‘starvation mode’

^^^ this sentence was funded by Dr Kellogg’s….

But I’m here to tell you that there should NEVER be a one-size fits all approach to this toning up game

And the University of Bath recently backed this up

Finding that eating breakfast has ZERO difference on your metabolism and how much fat you lose.

In fact, some research is now showing that skipping breakfast could HELP you lose fat and tone up!

Not because of anything fancy or MAGICAL…

But because it may allow you to be more flexible with your overall food intake across the day

And enjoy yourself on a Saturday night with a few extra glasses of vino 😉

This is something I practice myself

Eating lighter earlier in the day so that I can enjoy my food (and drink) with my wife, family and friends in the evening when social situations are more likely to happen

Does this mean you should skip breakfast?

NO, of course not

But breakfast is a choice.

I mean, there are some benefits to breakfast

And it it stops you craving a sugary snack mid-morning…then go for it!

but one of the problems is that if you opt for something sugary…

that you won’t feel full up and you’ll end up starving at 10am (yep, those Frosties do that to me…)

It’s why you could be better off with something like oats, fruits, wholegrains…

or- my favourite – eggs and BACON with mushrooms, tomatoes and some options beans 🙂

Research shows that protein keeps you fuller for longer

Which is EGGsactly why – if I have breakfast – I go for my eggs!

^^ I usually poach a couple for Mrs Fruci at the same time for added brownie points 😉

But my point is this…

The best ‘diet’ in the world is the one that you’ll do

The one that fits your lifestyle

The school run

Stops you feeling hungry all day

Allows you to enjoy your favourite foods

And STILL lose the stomach fat, drop a few dress sizes in time for Summer and ditch the baggy clothes for GOOD!

Which is exactly what we do in Fat Loss Mastery


Matt ‘powered by Kellogg’s’ Fruci

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