You ‘butter’ believe it’s better than avocado?

Once upon a time…

There was olive oil.


We have

Rapeseed oil…

Avocado oil…

Walnut oil

Coconut oil

And even snake oil ;-))

So I get it

It’s confusing

you got the farmers saying Rapeseed oil is the best…

The Mediterranean’s carrying olive oil in their travel mugs…

Angelina Jolie eating insects

^^^ Had to drop that in there

And guru’s claiming that coconut oil will end global warming

^^^ Which according to Donald Trump…was made up by the Chinese…


The Daily Mail are really trying to confuse you now, right.

Carbs were created by satan and make you pile on the pounds

Protein is worse than smoking

Rapeseed oils are better than butter


Butter is now better again

You can eat as much fat as you want and still lose weight…

I could go on

Now, I was asked by a member of my Female Fat Loss Mastery last week:

Is avocado oil worse than butter?

Here’s the thing…

When it comes to the fats you eat…

I want you to remember this acronym

^^^ I use this in the diabetes education work I do in the NHS

F requency – number of times per day you eat it

A mount – how much of it you eat

T ype – saturated, unsaturated, trans fats

Because when it comes to ditching the stomach fat and dropping a dress size

Whether you eat the fat in a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, an avocado, bacon, a Catalan crème brulee, or a good old salmon fillet

Each gram of fat WILL give you the same amount of calories and energy

So, the Frequency and the Amount matter.

Overeat and you WILL put on weight!

Now, as for the Types of fats

They can have an impact on your health markers and – potentially – weight loss

You’ve got the olive oils and avocados (AKA Mono-unsaturated fats)

^^^ Which have been shown to have a good impact on your cholesterol

You’ve got your cheese and animal fat (AKA saturated fats)

^^^ Which appear to actually be pretty neutral with regards to your cholesterol…

You’ve got your vegetable oils and nuts / seeds (AKA polyunsaturated fats)

^^^ Which if used at high heats, may not be so good for you (and are often easy to overeat…)

You’ve got your oily fish, like salmon and mackerel (AKA omega 3 fats)

^^^ Which we know can help your brain, joints, recovery, boost your immune system, and boost your ability to use protein and get lean!

And finally – on this whistle stop tour – you have your trans fats (the evil guys)

^^^ Which are linked with everything from diabetes to heart disease and weight gain…unsurprisingly found in cakes, biscuits, some vegetable oils, and highly processed foods! Look out for hydrogenated oil (as they are sometimes called)

So can you say avocado oil is worse than butter?

Well, not really

As it also depends on the Amount and Frequency


Context is key

Avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fats which have been shown be to “good” for you

But these fats are also in an avocado 😃

And olive oil

Which – last time I checked – is cheaper and much tastier than avocado oil

^^^ maybe my Mediterranean background makes me biased

Fry a steak on the odd occasion and want to use some garlic butter?

Go for it.

Looking to save calories?

Use 1kcal spray

Like the taste of avocado oil?

Go for it

^^^ I’d prefer to just eat an avocado personally…

Just remember




As usual, it’s what you do on average that counts

Which is exactly why I aim to get you enjoying your food again

Rather than adding another stress (on top of the shopping, work, kids)

About what the best fat is

Best wishes,


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