Halloumi Cheese Frittata Breakfast

I now agree.

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day....

But only if you want to have it, it tastes good...and it fits your day!

And there's no better day to have breakfast than on a Sunday, right?

So here you go:

The Halloumi Frittata

And it's ONE filling breakfast (it probably actually serves 2...unless you're greedy like me)


* 100 g low fat Halloumi cheese, thickly sliced into 4

* 1 courgette / zucchini, finely chopped

* 2 eggs (whisked)

* 1/2 red pepper, finely chopped

* 1 large handful of sliced mushrooms (or less if you don't like them)

* Some salt, pepper, oregano and basil to taste

* 1 kcal fry spray


1) Finely chop the courgette, red pepper, and mushrooms and place them in a bowl.

2) Whisk 2 eggs and mix with some salt, pepper, oregano and basil

3) Spray a frying pan with 1kcal fry spray and heat over medium heat

4) Add the vegetables to the pan and fry until soft

5) Add in the egg mixture, making sure the whole pan is covered

6) Fry for about a minute

7) Meanwhile, add the 4 slices of Halloumi cheese and fry for about a minute

8) Place under the grill until the cheese is brown (or how you like it)


Scientifically (un)proven to keep you full for at least 4 hours (a bit like those breakfast biscuits...)

Nutrition (if you can eat the whole thing):

Protein: 46 g

Carbs: 15 g

Fat: 23 g

Let me know how you get on...

Speak soon,


PS. I'm still waiting for Brexit to talk about what would happen to the price of Halloumi cheese....

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