How many eggs can I eat per day?

Will too many increase my cholesterol?

Should I get rid of the yolk?

Isn't all of the nutrition in the yolk?

^^^ all these questions came up yesterday so I thought I would clarify a few things on this before I go make my eggs Benedict...

1) There are 2 types of "cholesterol".

* HDL - The "Batman" of the two ('superhero')

* LDL - The "Joker" of the two (evil baddie)

^^^ It's the ratio of batman : joker that is seen as the key indicator of heart disease.

2) Cholesterol you get from your diet MAY increase your blood cholesterol.

It appears to be genetic.

"Nutrient-gene interactions", to be specific.

Some of us get an increase (known as hyper-responders) and others don't

3) Studies have found no negative impact on cholesterol when eating 6 eggs per day

(no studies have been done in more than this, as far as I know)

Now, if you are a hyper-responder to cholesterol and this is coupled with a poor diet, then you may see an increased risk!

4) Should we really be focussing on one food?

An egg is almost like a multivitamin tablet with high quality protein.

They also contain vitamin D and vitamin B, which can help boost our immune system and energy levels!

Not to mention they can help keep you full and stop you snacking on those mid-morning biscuits and cakes.

^^^ So in this case, we might be better of with the eggs after all...

And in terms of monitoring our health risks...

Rather than focussing on one food to determine our health, we should probably be focussing on excess weight and fat, particularly when stored around the midsection.

And on that note, a "diet" containing 3-4 eggs per day saw reductions in body weight and an improved ratio of batman : joker cholesterol.

^^^ Was it because of the eggs alone?

Probably not, but if they keep you full and help you stick to the diet then go for it!


* Some of us may get an increase in cholesterol from eating too many eggs or dietary cholesterol in general

* This doesn't mean we should all cut them out

* They're cheap, nutritious, satisfying, and a great source of protein

So, have none, have one, have 3, have 4, have them on weekends...

There are probably more important things to worry about!

Speak soon,


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