Why I quit running to lose weight

So despite being likened to tortoise and a snail by my wife…

^^^ due to how slow I walk…(her favourite joke is saying ‘you best start getting ready now then’ when talking about something we’re doing a month from now…)

I actually used to run….A LOT!

Not because I enjoyed it.

But because I just thought that was what ‘you had to do to lose weight and tone up’

I even built up to doing several half marathons

^^^ Which were painful DURING…but rewarding after finishing!

But here’s the thing:

I had to literally FORCE myself to do it

Because I had ZERO motivation


Because I didn’t enjoy it!

Now, throw in the

joint pain in my knees

And the fact I had to REWARD myself with ‘treat foods’ 

to force myself to go out for a run

And it’s no wonder I didn’t drop the fat I wanted to get rid of.

You see, all I wanted to do was to get lean

​​​and feel confident about the way I looked with my top off on holiday.

You can call that being vein or lacking in confidence

But – actually – it’s human nature to want to LOOK and FEEL good about yourself

Because – ultimately – how you look and feel…

dictates what you DO (how much fun you have, your relationships, productivity, energy levels, sleep)

And right now…

I don’t want to be that dad whose asked by his daughter:

‘Daddy, why do you have your top on in the swimming pool?’ 

Because I’m too self-conscious to take it off on holiday

^^^ which is actually what triggered the husband of a member on my Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme to take action and start using the nutrition system that his wife is using (it’s amazing how DOING and getting results motivates others to follow MORE than just talking about it)​​​


I decided to GIVE UP running

I quit!

You see, running long distances was NOT a priority for me.



So instead of progressing a LITTLE bit in everything

I decided to focus on the ONE thing that:

1) I enjoyed

2) Got me FIT, STRONGER and more TONED!

And it just so happened that this got me to

2nd place in a Great Britain Physique Show 🙂

Just by having fun


Focusing on what was ESSENTIAL to

Tone up, Get fit and Get STRONG!

Which are the exact principles I teach you in our Fat Loss Mastery Body Transformation Programme

And I’ll let Fat Loss Mastery member, Julie, do the rest of the talking:

“I have to say that everything you do already makes this the best body transformation programme ever for me,

the concentrated exercise, the continuous contact, Facebook, email etc

is what is keeping me going and not giving up as I once would have.”

So, if you’re ready to level up your energy levels, ditch the love handles, tone up the bingo wings and feel more confident in your favourite clothes…

You might be a good fit for our 28-Day Fit Mum Body Transformation Challenge starting Monday 12th June

Apply here:


Matt ‘quitter’ Fruci

PS. You’ll also get access to our brand new Fat Loss Mastery app so you know exactly what and when to eat and can stop stressing about whether it’s ‘healthy enough for the kids’


Whether the other half will eat it

So you can stop cooking separately and save TIME and MONEY!

If you’re committed and serious about making a change, go here


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