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What does it look like?

“I need to have a good week this week” “I’m going to be good this week” Ever said that before? Me too. But unless we actually define what a ‘good’ week actually looks like.. I guarantee you will default to “If I am not PERFECT, I may as well not bother…” And all of a …

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Coming soon…

It was great to get together with the Fruci Fit team this past week… Get our heads together, ideas on paper, and take action accordingly 🙂  Excited for the future. Bringing in some new sessions, from Flexibility, Kettlebell and Core, Yin, Tabatas, Exercise to the Beat, Boxing, HIIT, Event Specific Sessions (more on that separately), …

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The proven supplement no one takes….

It’s –  finally- getting the publicity it deserves Probably the most tried and tested supplement out there… No, it’s not fat burners… Collagen… CBD oil.. Or mackerel.. It’s creatine… I quote: “Creatine supplementation has been shown to act as a possible countermeasure to the menopausal related decrease in muscle, bone, and strength by reducing inflammation, …

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Biggest fear?

What was your biggest fear about joining Fruci Fit? We asked Louise the other week What her biggest fear was about joining Fruci Fit You can watch it here And something from experience Is whatever the fear is right now In most cases.. Our thoughts about the thing are worse than the thing itself…. Matt

Are you voting?

Are you voting today? No, I’m not talking about the election today.. But rather your actions. After all.. Your actions today are essentially a vote for the person YOU want to become. It’s why we use Benefits Card at Fruci Fit. To check in with every, single day. As a reminder of why we are …

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“I just want to tone up”

In short, yes. Why? Toning up is losing body fat and gaining muscle. So the exercise we recommend will essentially stay the same ^^^ we always have an element of resistance exercise because ultimately this will help you change your body shape, get stronger and make everyday tasks easier (use it or lose it) The …

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“Will it work for me?”

One of the most common questions we get when people start on the Kickstart. And I get it, if you’ve tried everything before… Maybe don’t feel comfortable in a gym Not motivated enough to do it alone worried what might happen a year from now if you don’t change It seems like you have to …

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were you there?

It was great fun on Saturday at MantonFest Our coach Tasha led me and Julie and everyone through 3 dance sessions on stage inbetween the acts… With no surprises which one was most popular  “We will rock you” by Queen. Great fun And as many of the ladies have said over the years, it’s great …

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