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How to stay on track when life changes

So the other day I sent a message out asking what you needed help with most

And the most common question I got was around

Staying on track when life changes / things get in the way.

It actually reminded me about Lisa’s story here

But today, I just want to go over 3 quick strategies to help you

1) Have 3-5 ready meals in the freezer as a back up – sure it’s not perfect…but practical is better than perfect, right? And as a ‘tool in the toolbox’ for when life is super busy, you’re late home from work, you have only a few minutes at home then you’re out again, it’s pretty handy.

As much as I like to promote cooking from fresh (as I do most of the time myself), ready meals have actually become a good option, especially for people who struggle with time, portion size, and an enjoyment of cooking.

Here’s some options for you:

1. Any healthy choice ready meal (they are usually below 500 calories too)

2. Cook / Charlie Bingham

3. Kirsty’s gluten and dairy free range 

2) Have some 3-5 ingredient meals that are quick and easy pinned up in your kitchen – again, the focus here is on making this practical, which is why we have so many recipes in our nutrition system that have just a few ingredients. 

Here are some of mine:

1- Omelette

2- Jacket potato, tuna and cheese

3- Silly sausage casserole (literally sausages, chopped tomatoes, stock cube, peas and carrots…even Mrs Fruci like this one and my daughter loves it too!)

3) Cook in bulk – Make a bit more a freeze the leftovers…you’ll be less likely to go for seconds when you do eat

reiterating the principle of’ having enough’ rather than ‘feeling stuffed and uncomfortable’

And you’ll have some home cooked meals you can quickly grab

In the Fruci household, we try to have a little back up of:

1- spag bol

2- Stew (lamb or beef)

Now, this is all great.


Something that I do to avoid overwhelm and focus on TODAY and DAILY HABITS (which is all you can do).

Is write down 3 tasks this week that if i DO will make it a good week and help me get closer to how I want to look and feel. 

(I do this because it helps me stay focussed on what is actually important to me rather than sweat the small stuff)

Here’s mine from last week:

1) Record new workouts with some new evil exercises for our members area (evil laugh)

2) Meditate daily + yoga 3 times per week with my daughter on daddy day care + 3 gym workouts

3) Write a plan with Mrs Fruci for the week to save HOURS wondering what’s for dinner, who’s shopping, when you’re home etc. Exhausting stuff.


4) Finalise last page of children’s book coming out soon 😀

This massively helps me focus on the process.

Your brain will process what you focus on…what you focus on, you believe, and what you believe impacts what we do.. 

What we do…impacts our results. So start at the start.

So I ALWAYS do this on a Sunday. Because there is just no way I’ll do it later in the week because life just takes over…

Then it’s a tick ✅ game where I don’t have to think.

Matt ‘practical’ Fruci

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