Eating baked beans with gloves on?

So I took my 2 year old daughter out in the snow over the weekend
And if you’ve ever got a toddler ready to leave the house before…
You’ll know that it often turns in to some kind of military operation, especially
when it’s -7 or whatever temperature it was AND your daughter doesn’t want to wear her gloves.
Now, I basically had 2 choices here:
1) Keep trying to get them on and just go back and forth … trying to reason with a 2 year old to get her gloves on without it being a full on toddler tantrum …
2) Take her gloves in my pocket and let her figure out why she needs them…
Best part?
I’m there making snow castles, picking up the snow with my gloves on and putting it into the bucket…
my daughter is then there with her hands out
Asking for gloves..
“Daadddddyyyyy” <<< which was surprising as she often calls me mummy haha
And all of a sudden, in true toddler fashion
We get back and she won’t take them off
She’s now eating bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans
with her gloves on …😂😂😂😂
She did take them off about a minute later…
My point?
Well, just like 2 year olds…

We CANNOT think our ways out of a bad situation​​
We have our own BELIEFS and MEANINGS that we attach to situations
Which impacts how you FEEL >>> What you DO >>> and the Result You Get
So when it comes to making a change
Be it trying to stop comfort eating
Or trying to get fit again and lose some weight
Your old thoughts and beliefs result in us STARTING and STOPPING…STARTING and STOPPING
Getting tripped over by the same stuff…
And can’t get any consistency
Because we have these deep, underlying thoughts and beliefs that trigger us to seek this FALSE LIFT of going back to where we were
when something comes up
Or you lose some motivation..
But here’s the thing:
Life ‘getting in the way’
Is NOT going anywhere…
What can change?
Your response to it..
So you can notice FASTER when you start to drift back to the old habits and beliefs.
On a practical level, here’s a quick strategy to help you:
Remember that you are in control of how you feel. People can say things to you…but you choose how you feel. You are in control..
and if you can feel better? Feel more confident? Have more energy?
Everything is easier. Motivation, energy, productivity, fat loss, exercise…
So what I want you do to is write a list of the things that make you happy.
“I feel happy when…..
Keep this list with you and when you feel low? Do ONE
How you feel, effects what you do…
think about it. everything you do, be it exercise or comfort eating is to change how you feel, right?
so if you do more things that make you feel happy?
YOU win! here’s my list:
I’m happy when:
1) I make my daughter smile
2) I come back early and let Mrs Fruci have some me time
3) I have exercised
4) I’m writing a blog and do a video
5) I’m chatting with friends
6) I message someone to see how I can help
7) I ring my grandad
8) I watch comedy
9) I have done yoga
so, task for you, write your list
Matt ‘baked beans’ Fruci
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