What happened to Lisa (1 year later)

Everywhere you look, the fitness industry litters Before and After photos – used as a way
to help others believe in the relative companies products and services.

​Slimming World.
Herbal Life
Slim Fast.
Cambridge Diet.
All endorsed by slimmer looking celebrities
For sure, they’re eye catching

But I kind of think that we’ve all become a bit bored of them…
They no longer have the impact that they used to.
we do see lots of amazing transformations in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme – it’s what we specialise in after all

But their story is nearly ALWAYS more powerful.(you can see them here)

Of course, a picture can paint a 1000 words etc..

But you can’t beat a STORY, right?
Which brings me on to this amazing story from one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, Lisa.

​Lisa did our kickstart programme in December 2017 and then joined our Fit For Life programme in January last year

She had tried other stuff in the past – the usual things

And came across my website first before reading my daily blog. It took a couple of months before starting as she wanted to be sure this was the right route to lose weight and keep it off.​​

​​By week 10, Lisa had lost over a stone and 5 inches from her waist. ​​


Here’s what she said after 10 weeks:

“This is now a way of life for me and not another diet. There are short daily exercise sessions which really help to tone you up and one of Matt’s phrases is “it’s you verses you” this really helps. “​​

But there’s always the worry of whether it’s just the ‘honeymoon’ period of the diet…so it was lovely to get this update from Lisa as I always want to hear how the ladies are doing after going through the programme:

 “I thought it was time for an update as my journey with you started over a year ago. I am pleased to say, I am 3 stone lighter and dropped 3 dress sizes from 16 to 10.
It was nice to wake up on 1st January without thinking:
‘I have to lose weight and get healthy this year’
I really have you to thank as I’ve changed my perspective on all things nutrition and exercise related. Without joining with you last year, I know I would be in a very different place
Life is full of challenges but this has proved I have the tools in the toolbox and it is all thanks to you.
I read your blogs every day religiously, It’s a morning read :-)”​​​​​​​​​​

Just a couple of points that I would love to draw your attention to in the post.
Although the weight lost sounds impressive [and it is] –

  it works out
at only 0.8 pounds per week on average….which most people would give up on after a while…

 This type of result is only achievable by being consistent.

Consistent positive weekly habits regarding nutrition and exercise.

We provide a personalised and totally flexible nutrition system to help out…

So you can still eat the foods you and your family love – even with a sweet tooth.

Now as much as losing this weight and dropping a couple of dress sizes is great…

The knock on effect, as Lisa mentions, is her fitness levels:

“For the first time in years, I feel really well and it still surprises me how fit I’ve become.
I walked up 2 flights of stairs yesterday with my nephew whilst my Dad and sister took the escalator and I wasn’t even out of breath.
If I could bottle this feeling, I would and give it to people who want to lose weight but endure the struggles and conflicting advice.
It’s not been an easy journey but it’s not been anywhere near as difficult as I first thought.  
It is very much a way of life for me now and daily workouts are how I start every day even if I’m going out for the day and have to get up especially early.
Thank you Matt, for keeping it simple 💪💪💪”

Confidence, fitness and energy.

It’s an amazing feeling.

And – for sure – everything is just easier when you have more energy..

Lisa also mentions a about the short, simple workouts…

Unfortunately, most ladies come to me with the ‘experience’ of exercise is something that is boring
or intimidating.

Classes can be monotonous and you can easily get lost amongst a large group where no one even knows your name and checks up on you if you don’t turn up or go through a hard time.

And we’ve all felt the eye balls staring at the back of our heads when walking into
a brand new gym…not really knowing where anything is.

To summarise then.

Here’s what Lisa did differently: 

To summarise then.

What I believe to be the key ingredients to success to any transformation:

👍Commit to being a little bit better with your exercise habits  (these can be as short as 5 minutes on our Fit For Life Programme)

👍Commit to making positive changes to nutrition without giving up the things you love 

👍 Do something that is FUN.

👍 Do something where you feel comfortable 

👍 Don’t try and figure this stuff out yourself – choose something where you are supported / encouraged and can get questions answered.

👍 Set a goal but focus more on the daily habits that will help you achieve that goal (this is what we do inside our Fit For Life Programme with the areas of Food, Fitness and Focus)
You DO NOT have to be special.
There is nothing heroic about the above.

Anyone can do it – if they want to.

Lisa definitely wanted to.

A year later she is a completely different…with her fitness and her body.

Her story is inspirational.

Which is why I am sharing it on here.

—> certainly beats a before and after image.


PS. You can grab a free copy of my book HERE

PPS. Here’s how Cassie went from mobility scooter to running her first 5k & fitting back into her favourite clothes without long, boring workouts. CLICK HERE

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