Will the novelty wear off after a week?

So Julie posted this message in our Private Support Group for our Fit For Life Programme last week

“I’ll be honest, I did wonder if novelty of planner idea would wear off after initial first week –
was it just another thing to add to the ever growing ‘to do’ list? 😩😩😩
After weekend, I hadn’t thought about meals coming for week, not time for shopping as away for work
however, got up this morning and there was last week’s planner…easily adapted cos we’d not eaten all the meals last week so plenty to carry forward.
Now week is organised – food planned, stretching scheduled, everyone knows what’s happening. 
Maybe it’s a useful tool after all”
The thing is

You’re going to have to eat anyway

So you may as well use less ‘willpower’

And even if you don’t stick to it 100%

I can guarantee you’ll still make your week that little bit easier

Not having to worry about what and when to eat, who’s where, shopping etc.

And having some structure to fall back on for future weeks, as Julie said.​​

Now, I personally have to do this on a Sunday or it doesn’t get done

But I just want to build on this point…

I’ve actually learnt a lot about myself, too, over the past few years working with various coaches

You see, I simply DO more and get better results

When I am accountable to someone

Don’t get me wrong, everything I do with my exercise, food  and habits is for me to make me happy and better…

but I just personally find I do more and active more when I have someone to report to

Almost like I’m letting them down if I don’t…

Thats just me

And I guess it’s shown in this fitness and diet industry

the fact there are more diet books than EVER

More recipe books than EVER

Yet we still don’t do the things we already know.

50% never actually open the books…​​

This is why it is so amazing to get messages like this 

Because it’s not about knowing what to do but DOING what you know

Like Michelle said:

“It’s got me to finally plan my food. It lives on my fridge so I am constantly reminded of what I should be doing”

And you only get results for DONE 🙂

Matt ‘do what you know’ Fruci

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