Flipping Pancake Recipes


Hasn’t it creped up on us?

Pancake day is here already

^^^ Which means it’s been 2 months since you set your New Years Resolution….

Now, I love pancakes

And I know you do, too

Which means you also know how to make a pancake

Although this does remind me of this weight loss and toning up game

Because ‘knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing’

Anyhoo… I’m not just going to show you how to make a traditional pancake today

I’m going to show you how to make 4 pancakes instead 🙂


1) Gluten-free 10-min American Style ‘Fluffier than Joe Wicks and done in less than 15 minutes’ pancakes: 


2) Flourless pancakes (inspired by my old late night secret eating…):


3) My Center Parcs Pancake House Inspired savoury pancake recipe:


4) 3 ingredient pancake recipe:

1 banana

50 g blueberries

2 whole eggs

OK…Iied. There are a few more ingredients:

2 sprays of 1 kcal spray

20 g of any nuts

Spray a non stick pan with 1kcal spray. 

Mash banana until smooth, mix with eggs, and beat it…beat it…beat it…beat it

Add in nuts that have been pulverised in blender for 10 seconds (they should be a powdery consistency). 

Once well mixed, add to pan and cook both sides until done. 

Meanwhile, put blueberries into a bowl and microwave for 60 seconds until a ‘jam’ consistency. 

Pour on top of pancakes. serve warm. And flipping enjoy it!


Change is scary…

Be it in relationships, family, transforming your body, making awesome pancakes or starting a new career

And this fear can stop you getting what you REALLY want

So try this today:

Say yes to things that scare you 

And ‘no thank you’ to things you just don’t want do or don’t align with your goals

Help yourself FIRST and then play superhero

And see how much more productive you are

How much more energy you have for your loves ones

How much you can help those who you want to serve (pancakes to ;-))

And how – all of a sudden – you don’t have to rely on willpower at 9pm tonight to stop you putting a spoon in that Belgain choc nutty pancake spread

Matt ‘powered by pancakes’ Fruci

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