Money back guarantee?

It was a big Fruci gathering the other week

Everyone wanting to hold the new baby

It’s exciting, right?

^^^ just like the new diet crazes

So, I’m chatting to my younger cousin

He’s in Year 7 (which makes him about 12…I think)

And ask him:

“How’s things? Working hard?”

To which he replies with one hell of a response 


BUT… I didn’t want to end the conversation there…

So I probed a bit more

“Still doing well in your maths and football?”

And WOW…

2nd highest mark in Science

Highest mark in maths

Top 4 in football

I could go on

My point?

All of a sudden, i was given a ton of EVIDENCE


That he was “working hard”

Because he had results

And it’s exactly the same when it comes to me choosing my coach (a registered UK dietitian)

Have they helped people similar to me?

Have they got the credentials (a registered UK dietitian)?

Any social proof (testimonials/ before and afters)?

And it’s why I’m always sharing the stories of members on my programmes

Rather than saying “look how many likes on Facebook I have”


“Look at my chicken and broccoli meal. I’m so healthy” 

^^^ as many of the fitness gurus will do…and I once did, too :-)))

Because – ultimately – this is a results business

You don’t join a gym to use a fancy piece of equipment 

You don’t get a personal trainer to feel sweaty and breathless

You do it to transform your body, right?

Get more energy, improve your fitness, fit your clothes better and boost your confidence so you can feel in control of what and when you eat and discover the right types of exercise to help you tone up without missing out on time with loves ones

^^^ bath time with my daughter in my case​​​

Which is why I provide a money guarantee on all my programmes

Do everything I say. 

​​​Report back to me with your accountability check ins. 

​​​Complete your Weekly Battle Plans. 

​​​Ask me questions when you’re unsure. 

​​​And if you STILL aren’t closer to your goals…we’ll, I don’t deserve your money.

It makes me ponder whether SOME gyms are failing us. 

Take your money, forget your name and hope you don’t turn up again (as you’re hassle free then)

And if remaining in the exact same place you are now is OK with you

Then that fine

And it’s why my 12-week body transformation challenge isn’t for everyone 

Because I’ll be on your case

Making sure you do the work

Doing the things that make you feel great

The things you have to do to get the body, energy, and confidence you say you want 

Because I live or die on getting you results

I care…a lot 

I’m not here to pat you on your back (all of the time)

Don’t get me wrong. We have a laugh

But sometimes, I’ll have to get you to question the things you’re doing 

^^^ or not doing

That are often based on your made up stories and beliefs 

Which can be uncomfortable 

But the result?

The body transformation?

Well just check out some of them over here

‘Where dreams are achieved​ and leftover pancakes are eaten…’
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