4 SIMPLE ways to beat the Summer cold

It’s the one thing I can’t stand…


Being ‘under the weather’


Especially in the summer when lying under a duvet all day isn’t as ‘acceptable’


^^^ although it probably should be.


You feel like crap.


And you can’t enjoy the BBQ’s, holidays, and Pimms (although the strawberries and cream may boost your immune system).


^^^ the things you’ve been looking forward to all winter.


So here’s 4 simple ways to boost your immune system and beat the summer cold:


1) Get colourful –


I’ve spoken before about the role of your gut bacteria in keeping you healthy (see here)


So how do we get more of these different strains of good bacteria in our guts?


Eat a variety of foods.




Get colourful with your fruit and veg.


Boil, steam, fry, mash, grill different veggies and see what you like.


Go to the supermarket, a farmers market, or check out some of the foods in the ethnic isles and stores (ever tried Kefir or  sauerkraut?).


Try a new vegetable every week!


Not only is this going to boost your gut bacteria (the friendly guys)…


But it’s also going to help you get all the vitamins and minerals you need to have more energy so you can do more of the things you want to do.




Drink Pimms!


2) Spend some time outside –


You might have seen this article the other day about how our desk-bound working lives are basically making us fatter and at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


And as important as moving more is…


Something that wasn’t touched on here was the importance of getting some fresh air (and vitamin D, which I spoke about over here and here)


Vitamin D is needed by your body…


And Vitamin D isn’t called the ‘happy hormone’ for nothing!


3) Sleep –


I get it.


You’re busy.


Kids (as I’ll be finding out about sooner rather than later…)






Can all add stress to your life (although I’m not convinced about the latter)


But 2 things you can commit to which WILL make you feel better and help you control your cravings the next day?


Winding down before bed (read a book, have a bath) <<< make this a routine!


Get to bed at the same time every night


^^^ the old tale of ‘every hour before midnight is worth double’…


On top of this, a good night’s sleep may improve your ability to handle and process sugar and fat.


^^^ Which may help you lose weight!


4) Do THIS to help your body adapt to STRESS –


Yep, exercise.


Exercise is a stress on the body.


Whilst you’re exercising, your stress hormones are up.


Your blood pressure and heart rate are probably UP, too.


Which would normally be a sign that we are ‘unhealthy’ or unfit.


But after exercise…


The MAGIC happens.


Your body SUPER compensates.


Your blood pressure becomes lower.


Resting heart rate decreases


Your body burns more calories recovering from the exercise.


And your body LEARNS how to ADAPT to this stress.


So you become fitter and healthier!

And you can beat the summer cold and do all the things you wanted to do this summer (drink Pimms) without feeling tired, bloated, and run down…


Speak soon,




PS. Speaking of your immune system, the Fruci nose may be more useful than first thought:




PPS. Apologies if I’ve hurt your head with the number of articles included in this today (time to get your learn on this weekend)

^^^ just make sure you apply it, as you only get results for DONE!

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