6 Waistline friendly treats for the mini heatwave…

We’ve finally experienced a ‘summer’

^^^ Or at least had a week of it

And in true British fashion.

We’re now all too hot and bothered.

^^^ Enjoy it (sensibly) while it lasts, I say

Particularly with the recent report from Public Health saying that we’re struggling to meet our Vitamin D requirements of 10 milligrams per day!

And given that even when the sun’s out we’re hardly out in it

^^^ Mainly due to work / family commitments etc

It’s no surprise that supplementing with Vitamin D (like this one) has been recommended during autumn and winter months

^^^ At the very least in my opinion...

Simply because it’s difficult to get enough from your diet with the main sources being oily fish and eggs <<< which still don’t provide that much.

Oh, and drinking Sunny D doesn’t count (remember that?)

And not only is vitamin D important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles…

It also plays a key role in our:

* Mood

* Well-being


Although early days…

Vitamin D may reduce the risk of cancer, hearts disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

^^^ Note, vitamin D3 is recommended over Vitamin D2 because it is better absorbed (should you want to supplement)


Enough of me rambling (I enjoy a tangent and go on forever <<< the wife tells me!)

Here’s 6 Waistline Friendly treats to cool you down in the hot weather (and I wish Sunny D was one of them):

1) Mini milks – Just 30 calories each (about 5 g carbs)

2) Twister - 85 calories (about 16 g carbs)

3) Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille lolly – About 58 calories (13 g carbs…wish)

4) The Frappu(Fruci)no (2 g fat, 2 g carbs, 20 g protein)

5) Medium Skinny Iced Latte from Costa (0.4 g fat, 20 g carbs, 8 g protein)

6) Fab - 90 calories (about 15 g carbs)

And there’s plenty more...

But my point is that you can make simple swaps that could make a big difference to your waistline and still curb a craving.

To put things into perspective, let’s compare the above with these alternatives:

1) Cornetto – about 200 calories

2) Magnum – about 275 calories

3) A 99 Ice cream – about 240 calories

4) Frappucino from Starbucks (Strawberry and cream) – 300 calories (about 8 g of fat and 55 g carbs)

And I’m not saying the above are bad.

Because – as I’ve mentioned many times before – it’s your overall intake which will have the most impact on your weight loss.


Making these simple swaps (from time to time) could help to cool you down whilst curbing your cravings and helping you STICK to your diet…

And a diet that fits your lifestyle so you can stick to it…

Has been shown to be the best in helping you lose weight, keep it off, and drop a dress size.

Speak soon,


PS. Do they still sell Sunny Delight?

I remember it being the first ‘healthy juice’ to be called out on due to the sugar content…

PPS. If you’re anything like me, you’re now craving an ice cold Florida Style Sunny D…

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