What the hell does ‘Ant n Dec’ have to do with losing weight?

I was eating my dinner yesterday.

^^^ Fish in a tomato sauce with some potatoes and Med style veg

The sauce was tangy with a strong onion and garlicy hit (my wife called me out on my onion breath later...)


It was just lacking a little something.


The dynamic duo…

The 'Ant n Dec'...

Basically, I forgot to add the ‘pinch’ of salt and pepper

^^^ as my – soon to be - good friend Rick Stein calls it (once he opens up his restaurant in Marlborough).

And it was a bit like the strategy meeting I had with James last week:

Now, I’d love to say that I put on a red cape, waved a magic wand, and completely changed everything that James was doing.

But here’s the thing:

As a coach, my aim is to make the LEAST amount of changes to your nutrition and exercise habits whilst STILL getting results!


Getting lean, fitter, and feeling more confident!

Why the small changes?

So that you stick to it.

Because the best diet in the world is the one you can do.

^^^ I think I’ve said that one before


We then keep our ‘tools in the toolbox’.

So, if (and when) things start to slow down.

Perhaps the weight isn’t coming off as quickly and our clothes aren’t fitting any better.

Then we can make the slightest of tweaks and go again.

Because just like that ‘pinch’ of salt and pepper WILL make or break most of your meals…

These small tweaks might just be the difference between your efforts resulting in another ‘failed’ diet…

And you being able to lose weight and actually keep it off (once and for all).

Just like I teach you in my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.


PS. I’ve just finalised some of my slides for my presentations on gut health and weight loss this week.

PPS. They’ll hopefully be made available for you

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