Are you okay?

You may (or may not) have noticed that I wasn’t my ‘prolific’ self the other day.

I didn’t ‘appear’ to write my usual morning blog last Tuesday.

And to my surprise (and delight as it shows you’re taking it in!)…

I received a load of messages

‘Are you okay?’

‘Did you write this morning?’

‘I didn’t get your email this morning?’

^^^ To name a few.

Now, it turned out that I had a bit of technology problem at my end

‘the server is down’

^^^ And unlike Rocky, the server didn’t get back up…

Until 5pm later that day.

And you know what I learnt?

Just how reliant I am on my email.

I mean, in today’s crazy world…

The wifi goes down and the rest of our laptop might as well be broken, right?

And it reminded of a question I got from – a now – member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

‘Do you do meal plans?’

And by meal plan, they meant me telling them exactly what and when to eat everyday.

And here’s the thing.

I work with you to find what works for YOU and YOUR body.

If this means that a meal plan is used for a period of time, then so be it.


^^^ and this one of those big BUTTs

Somewhere along the line, YOU have to know the WHY behind your meal plan.

Why is it working?

Why are you eating poached eggs in the morning, a homemade club sandwich for lunch, and a slow cooker beef stew with a nice (large) glass of full-bodied red wine in the evening?

^^^ Yep, there’s even room for wine

Because what happens when you don’t have time to make your homemade club sandwich?

Or your evening stew?


You go out and enjoy yourself at a family party (AKA you put some life into living…)?

^^^ Do you just go back to the meal plan the next day?

And this is where education comes in…

To make sure that you’re not reliant on a cookie-cutter meal plan that Davina talked about on Loose Women

Or reliant on me to tell you what to do for the rest of your life.

It’s about you being empowered:

A bit like a member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation (Billy) is now finding on her journey.

Do higher carbs work better for her body and hunger levels?

How can we best compensate for days where more carb based foods will be available?

And it’s these periods of trial and error that will allow you to learn what works for you to overcome cravings and boost your  energy…

That will put you in control of your relationship with food long-term.

So, rather than panicking when we ‘cheat’ on our meal plan and choose a food that isn’t on there

^^^ and feel guilty because it might make us put on 5 lbs (as it must be ‘bad’ if it isn’t written down on our meal plan)

We understand exactly how to meet our diet needs in a way that allows us to eat what and when we like

And if this means making room for the old vino then so be it!

^^^ just ask Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Charlotte <<< who’s absolutely smashing (not the wine) her body transformation ready for her family party in a few weeks!


PS. Luckily, even though my email went down…

I was still checking up on the Fit For Life Body Transformation members on their diet and lifestyle trackers (and I also reassured them that I was still alive)

PPS. No wonder they call me ‘Big Brother’…

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