Should I take a vitamin supplement?

Ever held a belief so strongly that you find it difficult go back on it?

^^^ Just yesterday the wife said the washing machine was broke…

I said it wasn’t and that she had it on the wrong setting…

Turns out it is broke and we need a new one.


As humans, it's bloody hard to admit you're wrong (especially to your loved ones)

And it’s the same when it comes to science.

You HAVE to be willing to change your views.


Because science evolves.

Not only this…

As a practitioner.

I’m becoming more experienced by the day.

Furthering my education and seeing just how PRACTICAL certain nutrition and exercise protocols are in REAL life.

For example…

Will you stick to it?

Is it necessary?

Is the ‘sacrifice’ worth the reward?

Does it do more harm than good?

And as a Nutritionist with the Association For Nutrition…

It’s my moral and ethical duty to be evidenced-based, interpret the science and help you make better informed, more intelligent decisions about your diet.

You see, 4 years ago…

I would suggest that all my clients take a vitamin C supplement before or after exercise


During stressful times to boost your immune system and prevent you from getting ill.

Fast forward 4 years and the research is not so clear.

Could it be that taking an antioxidant like vitamin C during periods of stress, such as exercise...

A ctually blunts our ability to adapt to these stressors and handle them in the future?

Is it that the ‘stressors’ from life and exercise are VITAL in helping our body get stronger and fitter to boost our immune system?

Are multivitamins doing more harm than good?

^^^ You could argue that looking at your diet and seeing what you’re deficient in is a better, more targeted approach…

Do we need another 100% of our vitamin C if we’re eating oranges, potatoes and broccoli?

Will this just push us out of balance?

After all, food contains 'balanced' ratios of vitamins and minerals

^^^ unlike supplements...

A few questions to ask yourself before taking vitamin supplements:

* Are you eating a balanced diet that doesn't cut out food groups, such as meat and dairy (reducing the chances of a deficiency)?

^^^ did you know that red peppers, broccoli and cauliflower contain more vitamin C in than oranges?

* Are you sleeping well?

* Stress with home / work life?

* Do you frequently get ill? Around kids a lot?

And it’s because of all these recommendations that my recommendations have changed.

I now only recommend supplements depending on your current diet, lifestyle, preferences, exercise programme, and immune system (how often you get ill).

Is it that we need shell out money on a supplement..

Or is it we just need some sunshine?

Some vitamin D

^^^ did you know vitamin D is actually more like a hormone than a vitamin?

We simply don't get enough of the sun (hopefully I’ll get some in Cornwall…)

Because even if it is sunny, we're often working or too busy doing 'stuff' to enjoy it

^^^ which is why I suggest you try having your lunch outside if you can...

I mean, even the Australians are deficient in the "sunshine" vitamin <<< which is saying something!

But my point is that nutrition isn't black and white.

It simply depends on you and where you are on your journey.

Which is exactly why applying the scientific principles to your current life circumstances will help you make better-informed decisions about your diet so that you can stop you feeling tired, ditch the love handles, and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Speak soon,


PS. Just like I (eventually) admitted we were ‘wrong’ about vitamins (or rather, our thinking and the science has evolved)…

I have admitted to the wife that the washing machine is broke and that we need a new one!

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