18 things you might not know about your coffee

I’m feeling pumped up this morning.

^^^ Probably because I just had one of my new blends of coffee (the Santos and Java coffee bean…)

I delivered a VIP seminar last night all about what to eat (and drink) around exercise and throughout the day to help you lose weight

It was essentially how to structure your diet to lose weight and keep it off

With a few fancy recipe demos, too.

I would love to say it was Rick Stein esc. 


It wasn’t 

^^^ Which reminds me that I need to review his restaurant in Marlborough!


Your daily caffeine intake

Here’s 18 things you might now know about caffeine:

1) It’s great at curbing hunger – this is why ‘diet pills’ contain a bucket load of the stuff…I can pretty much guarentee it’s the only ingredient that’ll help you lose weight in the pill!

2) It’s also found in tea, chocolate, and coffee. If you didn’t know, I bloody love tea, chocolate and coffee. 

3) It can improve your performance during exercise

4) It takes time for the magic ‘caffeine kick’ to come in, usually around 30 mins (so allow some time)

5) BUT… you get more tolerant to the ‘caffeine kick’ when you keep consuming caffeine over time

6) Caffeine has a half life of 4-8 hours. So, is it really a good idea for me to have A SEDUCTIVELY DARK, VELVETEEN COFFEE right before bed? Probably not. Which is why I tend to avoid caffeine containing products from 3/4pm. 

Sleep better, recover better, be more productive, make better-informed food choices –> Fat loss!

7) Coffee tastes great with a dollop of cream in there (including single cream!)!

8) One Frappa(Fruci)no a day keeps the doctor away: CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

9) Tea and coffee consumption may have a protective role against alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease…

10) Coffee shop lovers spend nearly £600 per year on…coffee (assuming the average price of £2.45 per coffee)

11) I do treat myself now and then to coffee chop coffee and recently tested out Triple Two Coffee in Swindon during a strategy meeting with a client: CLICK HERE TO READ MY REVIEW

12) Coffee helps you poop…

13) Drinking tea and coffee (and wine…) may improve your gut health (which is associated with weight loss and reduce disease risk…as I explain here)

14) A can of Red Bull has the same amount of caffeine in as a standard coffee <<< are you surprised by this?

15) Coca cola and diet coke contains caffeine!

16) Have I mentioned I love coffee?

17) But if I’m really struggling to sleep. I find myself getting run down and in the constant process of poor sleep, look for caffeine pick me up and ‘treat foods’ then it’s probably time to take a step back and SLOW DOWN!


That’s it for today.

Do you love coffee?

Any recommendations around Wiltshire?

Best Wishes,

Matt ‘loves coffee’ Fruci

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