Triple Two Coffee: Places To Eat and Drink in Swindon

It's just opened up in the centre of Swindon...

And when coffee is involved...I'm interested!

I would argue that it’s the best smell in the world.

It’s how I start most (if not all) of my days.

I grind my coffee beans…

Leave it to brew for 5 minutes

And enjoy one of the most complex, yet mood enhancing smells known to man (in my humble opinion)

^^^ Recent research backs this up, saying that just the smell of coffee can make you feel more awake and…pretty awesome.

And this was exactly how my recent experience at Triple Two Coffee Masters in Swindon started.

Oh no, I’m not just talking about the 1000 (or so) compounds in coffee that transmit aromas through the air of a coffee shop as you walk through the doors...

I was actually asked which blend I’d like (house or the Sumatran blend)

And given beans from each blend to smell.

It was no longer JUST a ‘coffee’

But an experience.

And a lesson in what to expect from different blends.

Which for me, is the key difference between you’re coffee chains

And your independent coffee houses, like Triple Two Coffee Masters.

Anyway, on to the Americano itself.

A smooth, full bodied (I think that’s how they describe it) Sumatran blend

Flaunting a golden to dark-tan foam

Served in a stylish, freshly made by hand (just kidding…I think?) coffee mug.

But speaking of freshly made…

All of their fresh options in the chiller were freshly prepared that day…


Smoothie mixes

Greek yoghurt (if you’re looking for that protein hit)


Eggs and spinach snack pots

You name it…

They even have peanut butter in a Frappa (which I'll have to try...)

A relaxing ambiance with plenty of space

Perfect to catch up with a friend, get some work done (or even have a Skype call in my case…), and grab some food (especially if you’re on the go…)

^^^ More protein-rich options to come, perhaps?

So, of course…

‘I’ll be back’ (as some Austrian guy once said…)

To enjoy that ‘super duper’ food…



From your gut health and fighting off the old common colds…

To reducing your risk of many diseases (even heart disease and certain cancers)

^^^ As I wrote about here


You’ll hear some people say that coffee is ‘bad for you’


That you shouldn’t ‘drink too much’

And yes, you probably shouldn’t drink too much caffeine.

Particularly later in the day if you struggle to sleep and have a SLOW caffeine metabolism.

And by slow caffeine metabolism…I mean you’re jittery just walking past a coffee shop...

But here’s the thing:

As with everything in nutrition…

You have to do what works for YOU!

I enjoy coffee.

It makes me more productive with my work (it's been shown to have many cognitive benefits)

I enjoy the social element of 'going for a coffee' (this makes me feel good)

It gives me one hell of a boost (and some motivation) to exercise (as I look forward to pre-exercise cuppa Joe)

It doesn’t impact my sleep (providing I limit my intake to 3 per day and then stick to decaf after around 5pm unless I am exercising…)

And I love the taste!

Whether I love the taste because my brain associates the taste of coffee with feeling pretty awesome…


Whether I really love the taste...

Is one for me to put in my postgrad doctorate research proposals bank (which is already pretty full…)

Either way…

I’m not going to be giving up my coffee anytime soon.

Because as I explained here, there’s probably not much point…

Matt 'no quitter' Fruci

PS. Coffee might just help you poop, too:

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