Is meat ‘dangerous’, Fruity Fit, and being a vegetarian


I wondered why you didn’t respond to my emails

And I couldn’t find your website’

^^^ As a new member on my body transformation programme mentioned in our strategy meeting on Wednesday.

It turns out…

She was typing in ‘Fruity Fit’


‘Fruit Fit’

And to be fair, we met at a networking event and I didn’t have any cards on me…

I assumed from my ‘Italian nose’ (as they call it)

That she’d have known it was Fruci (‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ comes to mind)

Rather, she just thought ‘fruit and fit’ (which is understandable!)

Well anyway…

She’s a vegetarian 

And a key worry of hers was the protein side of things

After all, most of it is found in meats, dairy and ANIMAL products, right?

^^^ Although a time where insect protein (as seen on I’m a celeb get me out of here’) will be the norm is ‘creeping’ up on us (see what I did there?)


Here’s the thing

A well formulated vegetarian diet CAN improve your health

Just like eating a diet high in meat and dairy CAN improve your health

Providing …

You hit a minimum AMOUNT of protein that your body needs

You see, protein QUALITY is sometimes an issue

Particularly if you’re underEATING on the protein.

And this is where eating more animal based foods WILL help you meet your requirements.


If you’re eating ENOUGH protein (and catering for vitamin b and iron to give you the energy)

It seems that you’re all good to go

As a recent study showed

Because whether they ate a highER than normal amount of protein from animal products and dairy


Legumes, like beans, lentils, soy and nuts

The highER protein diets reduced liver fat and improved the ability to handle sugar

^^^ Both major risk factors in Type 2 diabetes!

Compared with your standard protein diets.


Perhaps, the animal protein diet MAY help to keep you more full (which may reduce the urge to open the choc buttons)

Have less digestive issues (beans have that effect on me…)

Help you develop a more toned body (through providing higher quality proteins that help you recover from exercise)


The key thing – once again – is that you STICK to it

Because the only diet that works is the one you DO

Whether you prefer to eat meat or not…

There’s no ‘one size fits all’

It’s your size fits you.

So you can enjoy your food again, ditch the yoyo dieting and feel more confident about the way you look in the mirror.

Which is exactly what you get in Female Fat Loss Mastery

And applications close in just 2 DAYS!

To apply, go here:

Matt ‘Fruity Fit’ Fruci

PS. I’ve actually recently uploaded a few more veggie recipes on to my online members-only nutrition area (which you can get access to by applying here:

PPS. I’m not saying any of this is going to be easy. 


Do the work and – well – the baggy clothes will be gone sooner than you think…

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