So a whole new wardrobe will be needed…

Which means Black Friday can’t come soon enough for this Fit For Life Body Transformation member

Who went on to say:

“So far I have lost seven centimetres (2.75inches) from my waistline measurement. 

Another sign of weight loss is my watch strap now rotates easily around my wrist like a bracelet. 

Although my waistline is reducing, it is only just becoming noticeable to me. 

Purchase of a whole wardrobe of new smaller clothes will have to wait till I get to my new plateau weight. 

Very noticeable is the reduction in the puffiness of my cheeks”

and my favourite bit until last…


^^^ Although it was admitted that they may be a bit of a hoarder 😉


The part I want you to also focus on is the fact that ‘it is only just becoming noticeable to me”

Because – once again – it shows that we are our own worst critic, right? 

And Lorraine summed this up last week

Because despite having some blips…

She was still 2lbs down.

Now, of course, weight is not everything and a 2lb loss or gain COULD simply be from a change in salt, water, sleep, stress, weather, hormonal cycle, exercise habits…you get the picture, right?

But, Lorraine summed this up perfectly here:

“Be kind to myself, allow myself to have a life when I want to and considering the overall picture – if I stick to this 80% all of the time that’s better than my usual all or nothing approach.”

^^^ And this is what it’s all about!

Feeling in CONTROL of your ‘diet’

Throwing away 21 large pairs of trousers


I dare say it…

Feeling HAPPY!

^^^ Or as Lorraine put it:

‘Have a life’ and consider the ‘overall picture’

Which to me…

Means enjoying the process.

Embracing the struggle (when all you want to do is throw the scales out of the window, open up your prosecco, and finish that whole bag of milk choc buttons)


Enjoying the many successes (yep, the smile on your face when you’re no longer out of breath walking up the stairs AND get to throw away your baggy, old clothes…)

Which is exactly what we do in Female Fat Loss Mastery

Keep things super SIMPLE

So you can stick to it

^^^ Unlike these all – or – nothing cookie-cutter diets

And understand how to eat INTUITIVELY 

To ditch the love handles and put some life into living!


PS. Applications close this Sunday (4 days) for Female Fat Loss Mastery which begins on Monday 28th November

So if you’re waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get started on your body transformation

Go here:

PPS. We’re already on Day 4 of the Pre-body transformation tasks (and we haven’t even started yet…)

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