“will this be in the exam?”

“Will this be in the exam?”

^^ that was pretty much the only question that would go through my head when I had an exam at university and school

You see, the whole system made me more bothered about passing an exam

Than actually learning 🤔

(Crazy, right?)

And the problem with this?

It can set us up to think that our self worth

Our results 

Our future

Are based on ONE event…

Almost like everything is pointless if we don’t “pass” today!

And it’s crazy

Because if you’re kids / grandkids / other half failed at something 

You wouldn’t define them on that ONE thing

Or say that the rest if your life is going to be 💩 

All that really matters is that they keep going and learn from it, right?

As you can’t lose that way.

It’s a journey.

And it’s a reminder of how you can’t get to where you want to be

With the same level of thinking that got you where you are today.

So if you’re stressing that the scales didn’t go do by one 1lb today?

That they’re going too slow?

Consider what working well, what else you are willing to do, or 

whether you’re just one day away from seeing the results you want to see.

Because imagine that.

You were one day away?

But you gave up 😱

And you can apply this to your weight loss, fitness, job, whatever…

Because problems will happen…

Stress will be there…

It’s how you respond that matters…

And – usually – in my opinion

Controlling the things you can control 

Will get you closer to where you want to be..

You can’t change the scales TODAY

You can’t change the exam mark TODAY 

But you can change your exercise habits TODAY

You can learn something new today

And you can change your eating habits TODAY.

And even though you might not see the results from this today?

Picture how you want to look and feel tomorrow…

Fitting in to your favourite clothes

Have more confidence to say yes to more things you want to do

Walking up hills without getting out of breath 

Improving your health and reducing your risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes

And not to mention improving the quality of your life / recovery from operations (I could go on)

That’s not my opinion, either..

That’s what the science shows..

And probably why the transformations HERE we see inside our Shift Programme are a lot more than

Just weight loss and fitness…

But actually your relationship with food

Mindset and motivation around exercise 

your energy….

And how you FEEL.

Because there is NOTHING more important than how you FEEL.

As impacts what you DO 

And what you DO 

Impacts the RESULTS you get.


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Matt “A*” Fruci

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