midnight toddler club?

So we’ve recently put both babies / toddlers

Into the same bedroom…

Time will tell whether / how this works out 😂

But the 

First night?



For the first hour or soo.

Laughing…crying…running commentary of a poo…row row row your boat…

We had it all.

I even ended up getting in the cot And – somehow – was persuaded to start jumping up and down trying to wake up Imi 😂

But the interesting part?

Every night that went on, it got a little bit calmer and calmer.

The novelty has started to wear off.

Now, they just sleep in the same room and it’s nothing new.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well, it’s a similar strategy to what has been shown in the research to help people

Overcome negative relationships with certain foods.

You know the type where you can’t stop at one?

Be it biscuits or crisps.

It seems (and have had success working with some of the ladies in on this)

That by having that “trigger” food every day, preferably in the morning or when you’re feeling good already (I’ll explain why in a second)

The novelty starts to wear off..

Because it’s no longer a “treat”

It’s no longer a reward at the end of a long, hard day at work

It no longer “signals” the end of the day 

It’s no longer there JUST for when you feel tired (afternoon and evening)

Because the thing is?

If you restrict it and then only have it when you’re bored, stressed, tired?

You’re essentially creating a feedback loop and reinforcing it every day that 

Stress = eat food = feel better 

And then then we seek that false “high” again and again

And because we don’t get it?

It’s hard to stop…

And because we have gone into to “f it” mode?

We think we may as well eat them as tomorrow we “can’t eat it”…

My point?

Give yourself 100% permission to eat any food you like!

And remind yourself that there’s a difference between 

“I can’t have that”


“Right now, I am choosing not to have that”

Matt “certified choice maker” Fruci

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