Five Nutrient Deficiencies (and leg cramps)

I was going through some of my old stuff the other day 

And came across a classic:

The Famous Five books. 

^^^ Ever read them?

Might have to bring them in for bed time reading with the babies.

But on the topic of the Famous Five…

Here’s 5 famously overlooked nutrients in your diet:

You may know most of them

But might be relevant if you have questions around migraines, headaches, and poor sleep…

1 – the more I looked into this, the more I kept seeing MAGNESIUM come up in the science..

But not only in the science, a few of the ladies I worked with even asked me about it, too..

So, I looked into a bit more and was quite surprised:

1) Magnesium is the 2nd most common nutrient deficiency in first world countries (only behind vitamin D)

2) 1 in 7 of us deficient

3) A magnesium deficiency is associated with increased risk of DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, POOR SLEEP, ADHD, and DEPRESSION…

So, here’s a few ways you can get this mineral in your diet:

1) Greens – e.g. spinach, kale, chard, 

2) Seeds and nuts – yep, that includes PUMPKIN seeds…but it’s not just good for Magnesium and carving, check out my Pumpkin workout below…

3) Beans – baked beans, pinto beans, kidney beans (great source of protein and fibre, too)

4) Fruits – Bananas and avocados 🙂

5) Chocolate – Dark chocolate, that is…not the ones you get from Trick or Treating 😉

If you do want to supplement?

I’d go for one like magnesium citrate as it is more absorbable.

2 – Omega 3

Found in oily fish, like salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines, it’s associated with:

* A decreased risk of heart disease

* An increased ability to absorb and use protein so you can get that leaner look

* Increased concentration so you don’t have to pretend you’re working when your boss comes over or rely on caffeine to get you through the day

* Healthier joints so you hear less ‘creaks’ (as a member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation calls it)

* Improved gut health and a boosted immune system so you spend less time with the sniffles and more time doing what you want to do!

The ‘Fishing’ Line:

* Eat Oily Fish about 2-3 times per week (salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines)

* Consider supplementing with omega 3 / cod lover oil OR an algae supplement if you’re vegan or veggie 

* seeds / nuts don’t provide sufficient omega 3 and you’d have to eat a ridiculous amount of get anywhere near it

3 – Vitamin B12 –

Did you know that your body cannot produce vitamin B12?

Nerves, your brain, and your blood cells – they all need it!

And a deficiency also has a link to depression 🤔

You have to get if from the food you eat or supplement. 

It mainly comes from animal products (although you can find it in algae and fermented soy…)

Actions for you:

* Drink your milk, eat your eggs, and fry your steak!

* Consider a B Vitamin supplement if you are low (the absorption of vitamin B is quite complex due to it requiring a protein…more on that another day!)

4 – Vitamin D3

It comes from the sun and we simply don’t get enough of it

I mean, even if it is sunny, you’re often working or too busy doing ‘stuff’ to enjoy it.

In fact, even Australians are deficient in the “sunshine” vitamin <<< which is saying something! 

So, it’s no wonder that even Public Health are advising that you might want to supplement with it during the months of October – April 

^^^ Winter depression…we could be on to something, perhaps!

Actions for you:

* You can get some Vitamin D from oily fish and eggs (but not much)

*Go for a walk outside for 20 minutes

* Consider supplementing with Vitamin D3

5 -Iron 

It’s important in the make up of your red blood cells!

Now, there’s two types:

* Haem iron – which is very well absorbed and found mainly – again – in meats, particularly beef!

* Non – haem iron – Not easily absorbed but found in a load of animal foods and veggies / grains, such as lentils, nuts, and spinach

Actions for you:

* If you’re a vegetarian, here’s a quick and simple tip…

Pair non-haem iron with vitamin C and reduce tea and coffee consumption around the time when you eat non-haem sources of iron like lentils, nuts or spinach to increase the absorption of the iron!

There you have it..

But the interesting thing about all of this?

It pretty much comes down to a balanced diet.

You see, people make it all complicated..

When in reality 

The real question is how do you do the things you already know you need to do? 

Matt “Famous Five Fruci

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