Will lifting weights ‘work’ for me?

I watch the food channel


Trying to adapt recipes to make them healthier for you and me

^^^ So we can enjoy our food, be in control of our cravings, and stop blaming willpower for being human


Wanting some sweet food!

I tried to make some ‘no bake’ cookies to share with you yesterday…

But I adapted the recipe 'A BIT' too much…

So much so, that I think the chef would have given me a taste of the old slipper <<< as my dad used to do when I misbehaved

But, my summary was that the recipe didn’t work for me…

And it reminded me of the response I got from a strategy meeting this week when I asked a client about certain types of exercise.

Namely, resistance exercise.

^^^ The ability to move your muscle in a way that makes it stronger and fitter

This can range from sitting up and down from a chair in your living room…

To throwing some iron around in a gym.

But no matter what we do, we have one COMMON goal when doing this:

To contract the muscle to burn calories and make us fitter, more toned and stronger.

And my question for you is this:

Do you know how to contract a muscle?

Because if you don’t, it may not work for you.

People looking to ditch the stomach fat and tone up often ask me:

‘What’s the best exercise to tone this up and how many should I do?’

And my answer depends on HOW you do the exercise.

Because sitting up and down from a sofa in your living room 10 times...


Help to contract, tone, and strengthen your legs and bum...


Than going into a gym, putting weight on a bar and squatting 15 times in body pump…


You don’t know how to contract the muscle.

And it’s this ability to ‘feel’ the muscle contract


Put your ‘mind in the muscle’ <<< WooWoo, I know!

That can often be the difference between

You trying something and quitting because...

​​​You’re not seeing any changes in how you fit your clothes or you're not confident with how you look and feel...


You feeling motivated by how the fat is coming off, you're having to buy new, more fashionable clothes, and the fact your bum, arms, stomach and shoulders are more toned.

Which is exactly what a sustainable body transformation programme does…

​But be warned…

Because every silver lining has a cloud.

As Fit For Life Body Transformation Member (Graz) mentioned this week:

‘My dress is now too big so it’s going to cost me £60 to get a new one…’



PS. I’m out for a belated Father’s day meal out with my dad tonight at the Italian restaurant, Pino's, in Marlborough (review to come).


PPS. We were going to go to No.48 Tapas on the Marlborough High Street where I've been before and reviewed here: https://frucifit.com/marlborough-restaurants-n48-tapas/, but it's not open on a Sunday...

But every cloud, I guess:

​​​Because more food choice = More eating.

​​​Well it used to, for me.

You see, tapas WAS one of those ‘blow the diet’ meals. Luckily, I’ve now learnt to incorporate the foods and meals into my lifestyle so I no longer feel guilty about enjoying lovely food and having good times with friends and family!

Moral of the story: Read the small print (And you'll know the opening hours, have some lovely 'no bake' cookies, AND get the benefits from resistance exercise so you get leaner and more toned...)

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