ONE simple tip for a better night’s sleep, that bikini body and younger looking skin

* Less cravings

* More energy.

* Fewer burnouts

* Less bouts of illness

^^^ Absolutely hate being ill and I'm away on holiday soon...which is where I usually get ill (ever happen to you?)

* Increased willpower

* Less bloating

Just a few of the benefits of a good nights sleep.

^^^ What's that you ask? (lol)

A 'good night's sleep' is probably anywhere between 6-8 hours deep, continuous sleep (debatable, though).

But here's the thing:

In today's on-the-go society, we just don't wind down enough.


Chill the 'fudge' out.

Which leaves us struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night, and feeling groggy, miserable and HUNGRY the next day.

Now, I'm not going to talk about the conventional 'hacks' to help you get to sleep today

^^^ As you probably know them already.

But here's ONE simple and potentially powerful to tip:

^^^ if you have an iPhone / iPad and enjoy reading / surfing the net / reading my blogs 😉 on an evening...

1) Go to settings and click on "Display & Brightness".

2) Turn on the 'Night Shift' setting.

This reduces the impact of the phone's bright screen


Blue light

^^^ Which may interfere with hormones that play a role in your circadian rhythm and help you get to sleep.

You can set the feature to go into 'night shift' at sunset and back to 'normal' at sunrise.

So, get some much needed shut-eye without...

Missing the latest news from the Daily Mail on the gossip from Love Island, Nigel Farage's bikini body diet, and Boris Johnson secret to younger looking skin!

Speak soon,


PS. I tried it on my wife's phone when she put Big Brother on so she'd go to bed

PPS. It didn't work...we watched Big Brother

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