Would you go for the chips?

McDonald’s are serving kale.

Subway are doing ‘salad of the day’

I had a ‘quinoa salad’ in Nando’s on Friday just gone

And ate a load of fish and olives at the Italian this weekend (review to come)

So, it’s safe to say that we’re being nudged towards eating better WITHOUT being told we can’t have the burger, chips and cake.

^^^ We don’t want or need to be nanny state, after all (in my opinion)

But one recent initiative by restaurants has been to serve meals with a default 'healthy' side dish instead of their usual, preferred side dish…

Namely, sliced apple instead of fries….

Now, this has worked well with adults (at times)

So, they decided to try it on kids

The children were given chicken nuggets and...apple slices <<< which they could swap for fries if they wanted.

Can you guess what happened?

Yep, the kids wanted the fries.

In fact, 86.7% of the children opted to swap the apple slices for fries.


Well, it’s the ‘norm’.


More specifically, it’s common to have chicken nuggets with fries.

^^^ Getting a kid to swap them for apple slices is like me offering you a worm sandwich…

Will healthier ‘sides’ become the norm?


But there’s a powerful message in there about why we do what we do:

We want a perceived sense of personal significance

^^^ That is, to feel like we belong and feel like we are making a contribution.

But at the same time…

We have fear.

Driven by thoughts of our own and others (and often made up)

Which stop you getting what you want.

You see…

It’s easy to read about the latest diet that helps you drop a dress size in 28 days…

It’s easy to read about the latest fitness routine that tones the bingo wings and gives you access to more fashionable clothes.

Because it’s comfortable.

But to actually ‘DO IT’ <<< as Nike would say!

Well, it’s that little bit harder.

And it’s why at the very least…

The old fad diets have done us some good…

Because they get you DOING.

But when does the real magic happen?

When we realise that those fears

And stories

About why we will fail…

How we don’t have enough time so there's no point in doing it.

How we don't have the willpower and are 'rubbish at dieting'​

And how we’re not fit enough to start.

Are made up.

Because only then can we achieve what WE actually WANT.

By being accountable and taking control of our situation.

To get that perceived sense of personal significance.

Be it through:

* Looking after number one so we have more energy, feel less tired and can spend more time with family and friends

^^^ and be emotionally present…not just physically present because we’re so tired (Yep, that was)

* Studying and DOING so you can share your passion and talent with the world

* Having the courage and the BELIEF that you CAN do it (a bit like me and my old fear of public speaking)

*Achieving the body you've always wanted to fit back into your favourite clothes so you can feel more confident in your own skin...


PS. A Fit For Life Body Transformation member asked me if they could swap their apple slices for a cider yesterday when I told them about the study…

My answer…

If it fits your nutrition plan…

Of course, you can <<< and I might just do the same

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