Marlborough Restaurants: N 48 Tapas & Grill

It's no secret that I love curry...


it's also no secret that onion breath + date night isn't the winning combination I'm looking for!!

So fo​r the second week running there was NO curry night!

Instead - not just to avoid onion breath - me and the Mrs went to N 48 Tapas and Grill in Marlborough on Friday night.

(our second visit)

^^^ a good sign right there!

A warm and friendly welcome from the staff (just like the first visit), great ambience, and if you shut your eyes and think hard enough...the music may make you feel like you're already on your summer holiday...sitting by the pool, getting away from all of the stress, and doing NOTHING but eating and drinking!

As you'd expect from a Tapas...there's a lot to choose from


it doesn't help that I'm indecisive at the best of times (let alone when I'm trying to figure out which dishes DON'T give me onion breath)


Despite what I said about avoiding onion breath...once I saw the menu this was out of the window...

So I went all out with sardines (which also happened to come with onions. I was secretly delighted as I love onions). 


The beauty of going out for a meal with the Mrs is that I "usually" get to finish her meal too!

But not on Friday...

Which is kind of ironic considering that you usually share tapas, right?

You might be surprised to know that I've done a bit of sensory testing (food tasting) and have watched a few episodes of Masterchef to help with my food vocabulary...

So forgive me for describing my olives as saporous and sardines as ambrosial...

BUT it was a great meal.

On our 2 visits we've had:

olives, anchovies, sardines, paella, king prawns, salmon, steak (cooked how you like with recommendations for each), veggies dishes...and chips

AND if thats not enough for you...

Platters to share, mixed grills with meat and seafood, and loads more!

The staff are passionate and really go the extra mile...

how do I know?

Because I'm awkward and allergic to wheat...

Any dish that I asked about they went and asked the chef for me!

And that's not all...​

I eat A LOT.

Yet, including wine, the bill came to about £40...and I was full and satisfied!

As Arnie would say..."I'll be back"...

I'd highly recommend checking them out!

Got any recommendations for me? Let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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