Why you should eat pancakes, too!

So, me and the wife are big fans of Center Parcs. 

Ever been?

It’s got a nice spa and a relaxing feel to the place. 


It has a ‘Pancake House’ (and I was actually there last week with the wife for our anniversary…Romantic, I know!)

And I know what you’re thinking…

‘that’s not healthy’


1) Life is for living

2) They gave me a ton of ideas for recipes that are quick, simple, and filling (so you don’t have to hide the wrappers at 323pm) 

And as for these recipes, I’ll be revealing them soon (along with a ton of others).

But for today, here’s a throwback of a high protein savoury pancake (gluten and dairy free) that’ll keep you full and satisfied without all the calories, carbs and fats…

Check it out and let me know how you get on:


Have a great weekend,


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