How to lose 55% more fat

Did you see this study last week?

1/3 of us are now checking our phones in the middle of the night. 

^^^ with a ‘fear of missing out’ to blame (apparently we’re addicted to all those funny videos of cats on Facebook…)

And my pet hate:

1/3 of us use our phones whilst with friends (Yep, I’m guilty of this, too)

^^^ I blame Steve Jobs…

And 1 in 10 of us grab our phones as soon as we wake up (even before the kettle is on…)

^^^ Something I’m not guilty of due to my love of coffee. Hence, the kettle comes first!

So why does this even matter?

Well, a lack of sleep

^^^ and by lack of sleep, I’m also referring to QUALITY OF SLEEP (is your sleep broken? Are you in a deep sleep? AKA where the ‘magic’ happens)

Can lead to:

* Increased hunger DESPITE eating ‘enough’ 

^^^ It increases your hunger hormones and the perceived reward you get from Snickers bars and Chocolate 
Volcano Brownies, making it more difficult for you to say no!

* Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes

* Decreased cognitive ability (which may mean you make poor decisions about food, work and…LIFE)

^^^ this contributed to me watching X Factor and Strictly (that’s my excuse…)   

* Weight gain DESPITE being on a diet

^^^ Read that last point again.

So, even if you’re doing everything right

Eating the types and amounts of foods needed for you to lose weight


Doing some exercise

You still may not shift the pounds!

In fact, one study in 2010 (Journal : Annals of Internal Medicine) showed that despite being on the SAME diet…

Those who were given 8.5 hours to sleep lost 55% more FAT than those given just 5.5 hours to sleep. 

So, we know that a lack of sleep can stop you losing fat.

We also know that a lack of sleep can make you eat more so you put on more fat.

But, that’s not it…

What you put in your mouth can impact your sleep quality too!

With one study showing that increasing your fibre intake and decreasing your sugar intake can improve your sleep!

^^^ And this leads me on to how – once again – your gut seems to be playing a key role here.

You see, about 80-90% of serotonin is made in your gut (with good bacteria in your gut feeding off of the fibre you eat…)

And serotonin can be converted to melatonin which – in turn – helps you sleep…

^^^ Hence why medications that inhibit serotonin can cause lower levels of melatonin in people and impact their sleep.

It seems like a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario though, right?

Do you eat more fibre, cut the sugar, and alter the timings of your meals to optimise your sleep?

Include more ‘relaxation’ techniques (which are different for everyone)?

Exercise more (or less)?

I mean, where do you start to help you improve your sleep and lose weight?

Well, my advice to you is to just START today. 

Let’s get this week off to a good start.

Do something…TODAY!

We live in a hectic, on-the-go society where we’ve become human ‘doings’ (as opposed to human ‘beings’)

So taking the time to relax, chill the ‘f’ out, and sleep 


Do nothing 

Isn’t quite ticking the box (it isn’t as entertaining as watching Strictly and funny cat videos on Facebook, apparently)

A part of the problem is that we feel guilty for sleeping in (which is actually a pre-requisite for success)

^^^ and the fact your kids (or dog) might wake you up crying…

You may feel guilty for NOT working

NOT ticking off the ever-growing ‘to do list’ of jobs

And I’m guilty of this, too.

Always checking my phone when I should be winding down on an evening (to help me sleep and better control my hunger and how I handle sugar and fat)

Some members on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme have even told me to stop replying so quickly and to turn my phone off LOL

^^^ Maybe I’m suffering from that ‘fear of missing out’

And this is something that I am working on (but it’s only because I care and literally love what I do…but ultimately, it’s important we all find that balance!)

Here’s my 3 habits that I’m working on to improve my sleep (so I can put some hours in the bank for when the baby arrives), improve my health, and better control how my body handles carbs and fats:

1) Turning off my notifications on my phone at 830pm and putting it away!

2) Meditating and / or walking for at least 20 minutes in the morning (getting a good night’s sleep starts with your actions right when you wake up!)

3) Avoiding caffeine (including chocolate) from 4pm

I heard a great quote recently from researcher, Ian Dunican:

‘Rise and grind? No. Sleep in and win’

What are you going to do to get a better night’s sleep (quantity and quality) to help you get a reward for all the hard work you’re putting in with your diet to get more energy, shift the pounds, and feel more confident in your favourite clothes this Christmas?

Speak soon,

Matt ‘half asleep’ Fruci

PS. If I told you that you couldn’t eat from next Saturday, what would you do this week?

Eat a ton of food, right?

Now, when asked what you would do if you couldn’t sleep from next Saturday…

Most people seem to say that they would try to get used to lower amounts of sleep

Interesting, right?

PPS. I’ll be at Lydiard Park Academy today (Greendown School) between 12 – 4pm for the James Baker Fundraiser event (you can read his story about his battle with cancer here). It would be great to see you. Plus, you’ll get a chance to try my brownies!

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