The main reason why you (and me) fail…

With your weight loss

Desire to get leaner, feel healthier, ditch the love handles, and become more confident about how you look and feel

Isn’t just willpower…

Isn’t just a lack of motivation…

And – for sure – isn’t the lack of your good intentions 

^^^ I mean, who’d have thought that Jane would’ve brought a cake in to celebrate her birthday, Bill would have brought the biscuits, and that swapping brown bread for white bread probably won’t make any difference to how much weight you lose?

I gave a talk last week, titled:

“How to achieve more in the time from now until Christmas than you have in the previous 9 months…”

And we went through:

* The real reason why you’ve failed in the past

* How to visualise what you actually want to achieve (without doing a Brooke Shields…which I’ll come on to soon)

* Where you are right now in relation to what you REALLY want to achieve

* The top 7 obstacles of why you can’t pull it off and how to overcome them (of which I’ll share the most COMMON one I see with you today)

* The problem with consistency

* And why your beloved cheese might be back on the menu (instead of your Cornflakes…)

^^^ Why was this the topic?

Because in 90-days time (from when I did the talk) it’ll pretty much be…Christmas (I said the ‘C’ word, again)


Fitting into slinky party frock time…

And just like I don’t intend on getting my wife some withering flowers on Christmas Eve from a 24-hr One-Stop for her Christmas present…

You’d probably agree that it’s not the best idea to leave it this late to make sure you fit into your Christmas frock

^^^ You know, the 2-week pre Christmas slim down!

And THIS is the BIGGEST reason why you (and me) often fail.


We don’t start because we doubt whether we can DO it.

But you haven’t even started yet, so how do you even know?

Because you’ll probably find that a bespoke nutrition programme built for YOU, your lifestyle, and YOUR food preferences will be easier to stick to than you think

And – without sounding like a broken record – the best diet in the world (in terms of how much weight you lose and – more importantly – keep off!)…

Is the one you can DO.

As I teach you here: 

Speak soon,


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