Why Annette should throw the scales away


And the scales didn’t move….

^^^ Ever found yourself say that?

Getting pi55ed off

Thinking that all the hard work and effort?

Was for nothing…

All because we base what we do on a number

That changes and goes up and down 

Depending on if you:

-drink water

-time of the month

-lack or have more sleep

-eat carbs

-eat more veggies

-dehydrate yourself…

-go in a sauna





-human error in using a tapemeasure

-different scales / time of the day / clothing

You get my point right?

And to think we often put

Our self worth on this?

Madness, right?

We put our focus on this number

That we cannot control…

If it what we cannot control doesn’t go our way?

We decide to mess up the things we can control

^^ Read that again….

So this brings me to what Annette messaged me the other day:

“Just wanted to check in with you.

Did my measurements today and they’re the same.

It was getting a bit disheartening.

Then I got my last years ¾ length jean out to wear 

For the first time this Summer.

And they’re too big.

What’s happening?”

Well done, Annette!

And my point here?

Imagine if Annette would have given up

Because the measurements didn’t change?

She probably wouldn’t have done the exercise

Healthy eating habits

Have had as much energy 

Been as fit as she is now…

All because we put our attention on ONE thing…

Forgetting the fact

That you might just be ONE day away

From getting the results you want.

You see, a big part of our 4-Week Kickstart Programme 

Is getting 1% better every, single day.

Problem with this?

You may see not benefit from this TODAY…

But that positive decision today?

Can lead to 2 tomorrow

3 the next day 

And so on…

All of a sudden?

They start to add up…

And it’s only then that you notice

That your jeans from last year?

Don’t fit you…

That hill you used to be out of breath walking up?

It feels easier…

That guild you used to feel around eating certain foods?

You feel more in control…

And on that note,

We have 3 spaces left for our August 4-Week Kickstart Programme, specifically for ladies 40+ who struggle to do the things they know they need to do..

Want more info on this?

And a £10 discount voucher?

Reply with ‘August’ and I’ll get you the details.

Matt ‘screw the number’ Fruci

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