“it will be easier tomorrow”

Every time I come back from a holiday or a 

Few days away

I ‘feel like’ I have so much to do that I don’t have time to do it.

The first thing that usually goes?

my morning routine 

(water, 3 mins deep breathing, read goals, 3 wins from yesterday, the Work by Byron Katie, and a coffee, and sometimes my workout)..

All things that set me up for a great day as they make me FEEL better.

And there’s nothing more important than how you feel

As it impacts what you do and the results you get..


You know what’s interesting and what this is showing me?

The stuff I am willing to neglect are the things that allow me to feel GREAT. 

Crazy, right?

When I feel GREAT..I get more done.

I’m happy…

And my motivation, willpower, willingness to help others…is super high..

And it reminds of what happens on your typical diet and exercise programme:

You’re super motivated at the start.

lose some weight and feel better.

And then feel like you don’t have to do the things that you got you to where you are now..

Crazy right?

Because it’s probably for that reason why 93% of people who diet fail to keep the weight off:

  1. What you did to lose the weight was unsustainable and you couldn’t wait to end
  2. You’re not clear on what you want or need to do so can’t find the motivation…

For now?

I’ll tackle POINT B..

Because I’m pretty sure that although your latest detox or shake diet can be useful to kickstart a few lbs every now and then?

You probably know that it’s not going to last unless you are happy to use those shakes for life..

So here’s what I do to help my motivation…

I look for leverage by asking the following questions:

1) What’s the cost of not doing? Like the real cost? To your health? Time? Mood? Energy? Relationships? To how much you can help others? What happens if you don’t have enemy? Keep skipping on sleep? Self care?

2) What’s the point of doing it? Why bother? Fitness? Climbing stairs easier, joints..be around for family? Confidence? Say yes to more things you want to do?


3) Is your choice based on a false high? E.g. 

 “If I don’t do it now I will do it tomorrow” <<< instantly feel better because you ‘pretend’ it will be easier tomorrow..

This stuff will only help if you do it…(and write it down)

After all, 90% of the people who read my blogs, watch my videos, have read my book or listen to my podcast 

Won’t do anything with the information 

Which is why I created our 4 Week Kickstart Programme for ladies over 40 

To give you the motivation, accountability and step by step plan to help you do the things you want to do so you look and feel better and get fitter..

If you want to be added to our priority list, get a £10 discount voucher,  and be notified first for our August 4 Week Kickstart programme? 

Just message me or comment below 

And I’ll add you to the list and throw in a £10 discount voucher for you.

Matt “if not now, when?” Fruci

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