“We’re killing ourselves trying to be perfect but it’s making us insane”

“We’re killing ourselves trying to be perfect but it’s making us insane”

Yes, that is a quote from the film, “Bad Moms”..

But how true is it?

I mean, how quick are we to judge?

Be it judging yourself or the thoughts that others *may* have about you, according to you?

You’re told it HAS to be done THIS way but then feel that another way is working better for you?​​

I guess one thing this parenting stuff has taught me is how to exercise your:

​’Don’t care what other people think’ muscle. 

(Which is probably your most important muscle)

If you haven’t seen Bad Moms, there’s a clip where they get a ‘Bake sale Police force” together to ensure that no cakes have any:

* Sugar

* Wheat

* Nuts

* Soy

* Eggs

* Dairy

* Salt

To which one mum responds:

“So what ingredients can we use?”

And it’s the same with this weight loss and healthy eating stuff. 

Sure, you may have to cut out some of these foods for allergy reasons.

But there is no other reason to avoid or ban foods to lose fat..

In fact, is the fact you ban them the reason that you crave them more?

The old: Don’t think of a pink elephant for the next 5 minutes…

What are you thinking about now?

the pink elephant.

I mean, we’re all different and there may be times where I’m working with someone and there are particular foods that trigger them.

How we approach this food may different.

Perhaps you could try and have it when you’re feeling good and willpower is high?

Rather than wait until you’re stressed, tired and have zero willpower (which is where you might usually go for this food)

To change and improve your relationship with that food.

The saying my school teacher used to say to me comes to mind:


(Are you still allowed to say that?)

Because when you keep it simple?

It’s difficult to find reasons why you can’t do the things you know you need to do to get the results you want 🙂

Matt ‘KISS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​’ Fruci

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