Well done, Annette

Just a quick one today to share Annette’s story and progress.

Annette had joined gyms before and ate ‘healthily’ for years but thought she’d give our body transformation programme a go given that her back issue meant that the typical high impact exercise was a ‘no no’ for her.

Diets in the past hadn’t always worked. One time being told to that she ‘must not have been following the diet properly’ and to ‘eat tuna and potatoes every meal’ by one consultant…

But I want to stress that this hasn’t always been easy. There’s been ups and downs. Times where we’ve had to adapt a few things. No magic tricks. Just small adjustments.

Which is actually how it often should be. Personalised for you based on how you respond and your lifestyle.

So you can keep going.

And the difference?

Well, check out Annette’s transformation below


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