Understanding why you don’t do things

If you’ve only recently met me, you might never have never known how nervous I used to be about speaking to people I didn’t know, let alone public speaking and doing videos. 

The turning point came when I had to present my research to actually pass the my Masters at Loughborough University. I could no longer call in sick like I used to do haha

I was waiting for my turn to present. Chewing Rescue Remedy sweets like they were going out of fashion and subtly dropping Rescue Remedy drops on to my tongue. So many times, I was probably a bit drunk…

So, I’m called up. I’m crouching down putting my memory stick into the computer to load up my presentation. Red in the face. Shaking. Dry mouth. I wanted the floor to gobble me up..

I could barely get my words out the whole talk…

And at the end of the presentation, a professor who I’m super thankful for today  (Professor Ian Henry) asked me what I wanted to do in life? With my career.

And only then did I ask myself the question:

If I don’t overcome this fear, what is the consequence of this fear of looking silly?

And this things very black and white. If I don’t overcome it, there is no way I can be a nutritionist and inspire people to be better than normal, get more energy and feel great in the way they look and feel…

So, I’m essentially being selfish. I wouldn’t have worked with any of these ladies HERE, either…

And I now like to think of life like a game. A game with myself. To grow, both mentally and physically. If I don’t grow, invest in myself, spread my message?

I’m essentially saying I do NOT want to help anyone else because my fear of looking silly is more important…

And what I want you to do today, if you’re feeling a bit pi33ed off with yourself for not doing the things you know you need to do, is to ask yourself:

If you don’t overcome the ‘fear’ or ‘thing’ that is holding you back and stopping you from doing something, what are the consequences?

Not having the energy to play with your kids?

Health problems and increased risks of conditions like Type 2 diabetes?

Feeling fed up with the way you look?

Not trusting yourself to stick to anything?

Feeling fed up with having to buy ‘comfy’ clothes rather than fitting in to the clothes you want to wear?

And the reason I say this is because it’s often more than just information that gets transformational results.

There’s often something deeper that you need to overcome so that your external goals match your internal reality of how you feel and approach a situation.

These are things we delve into in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.


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