‘I was tired afterwards so it must be working’

Was exactly what a Fit For Life Body Transformation used to say after doing her fitness DVD

Yet she always wondered why her body never changed shape

Is it diet?

Yes, of course, this has a huge role

^^^ It probably determines about 70% of your weight loss…

But something else that is often overlooked is PROGRESSION 

You see, ‘feeling tired ‘ after an exercise session doesn’t necessarily predict whether you’ll get fitter, burn more calories and tone up

How do I know?

Well, drink a few bottles of wine (more on this tomorrow by the way)

Dance the night away

Sleep for 3 hours and try to exercise

It will be HARD

^^^ Even drinking water can be hard after a night on the vino…

So what should you focus on?


Be it doing more steps throughout the day (even if it’s taking the stairs instead of the lift)

Doing an extra exercise session (even if it’s 5 minutes)

Doing more squats whilst sorting the washing out (as I did in the ‘not enough hours in a day workout’…link at the bottom)

Lifting a heavier weight

Doing more reps of a move

Whatever it may be…progress is progress

And this forces your body to change shape 

Get stronger

Become fitter

And tone up (once and for all)

Because for all your body knows…

Exercising provides an equivalent stimulus of running away from a lion

It triggers the fight or flight

And your body will make you fitter and stronger (with the right nutrition) so that next time you ‘run away from a lion’

It doesn’t feel so hard.

And it’s not that I don’t like working hard

I mean, sometimes you do have to work hard

But, just not all of the time!

And why do more, beat yourself up, and get tired and sweaty when you don’t have to?

Put it this way, you won’t see me wearing camouflage trousers and screaming at you to do more burpees…

Matt ‘call me lazy’ Fruci

PS. Tomorrow, I’m going to be telling you how much wine you need to drink to burn more fat

PPS. here’s the ‘not enough hours in a day workout’ that you can do to PROGRESS and be productive with your washing https://frucifit.com/not-enough-hours-day-workout/

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