The ‘not enough hours in a day’ Workout

Had a hectic week?

Feeling 'guilty' that you didn't stick to your diet or get your exercise in?

Well, good news (kind of)...

Because what you do OUTSIDE of your (structured) exercise (like going to the gym, running, etc.) may have MORE of an impact on your weight loss.

Ever been on one of those diets where all you do is drink shakes and soups?

How do you feel?

Perhaps deprived, hungry, and ...


Which means you move less and BURN LESS!

And it's this that often explains why we say....

"I've tried everything...I just can't lose weight" <<< let alone keep it off.

Now, I'll go into the 'diet' side in more detail another day.

But here's a simple way to include exercise into your daily routine...

For those days where you're 'here, there, and everywhere' and don't have ANY time for...



The 'not enough hours in a day' Workout...

You can watch it here:

Exercise 1: 'Reaching for the rice' calf raises

Exercise 2: Towel tricep (AKA BINGO WINGs) extension

Exercise 3: 'Waiting for the kettle to boil' push ups

Exercise 4: Washing basket squats

Exercise 5: Deadlifts!!!

Exercise 6: Washing basket oblique twists

Exercise 7: Hoovering lunges ('monsters on wheels' according to my dog,'s safe to say she wasn't impressed)

How could this help you lose weight?

* Well, you don't need to get changed and prepare for the exercise because it takes less time and won't get you sweaty.

* Therefore, you're less likely to skip it...

* It could help make you fitter and you the confidence to do things you've never done before...

Small changes, big differences...More on this tomorrow!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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