4 ways to build a diet that works

From my experience – make things super simple and you’ll be more likely to take ACTION


Swap the ‘I should’ to ‘I could’

^^^ The more flexibility and options you have in your thinking the more likely you are to ACT

You’ll be more likely to shift the pounds, get back into good habits and ditch the baggy clothes for good

How do you do this?

Start here with these 4 things:

1) Ditch the all or nothing thinking – 

Your diet doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ or ‘no where to be seen’…

just like you’re not a terrible person 1 minute and lovely the person the next…

be consistent and that will trump any complicated diet, detox or cleanse that has you relying on your willpower

^^^and blaming yourself for failing

2) Stop thinking the worst – 

Just because you failed before, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail again.

If you’re thinking the worst 

^^^ you know, when you make up those scenarios in your head…’what if I have a binge…this will mean I fail so there’s no point doing anything’…

You almost start looking for excuses not to start

And to stay in the exact same place you are right now with your body, mind, energy, sleep and productivity. 

3) Remember you’re not Mystic Meg –

You think that everyone will judge you for exercising

For nourishing your body with wholesome foods that give you more energy and help you feel more confident in your favourite clothes

You dwell on what OTHERS will say and think

‘what if I fail?’

‘will they laugh at me?’

‘at my doing it right?’

the truth is, they don’t actually care

Because they’re more worried…worrying about what YOU are thinking of them

Remember to always look after number 1…and the rest will take care of itself!

4) Pat yourself on the back –

‘I only lost 2 lbs this week because work was less stressful’

‘I only got stronger in my workout because you were helping me’

STOP playing down your achievements 

The beauty of this is that…you are in control of your results

You see, you’re the first to blame yourself for finishing the biscuit tin

but when things go well, you don’t take credit…

So give yourself a big pat on the back :-))

And these are just some of the techniques I use with members in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme to help them develop a more positive relationship with food, ditch the stomach fat and feel more confident in their favourite clothes (without having to give up all their favourite foods)

Matt ‘taking action’ Fruci

PS. I should also mention that to apply for your free trial on my Lean For Life Body Transformation programme…

You need to go here: 


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