Drinking wine to lose fat?

A nice glass of red with a rare steak (nearly blue…) is my type of Friday evening…

Not because it helps me burn more fat

Not because it ‘gives me wings’

But because it’s relaxing, tasty, complements a juicy steak very well and means I’m not feeling deprived of anything (alcohol)

^^ If I want it, I can eat / drink it (like everything)

Because this way, I’ll stick to my ‘diet’ <<< which is one of the biggest factors why we can't seem to keep the weight off 

And everything I do and say to help you lose weight and keep it off is based on key scientific principles that – right now – seem to come up over and over again

I mean, I love new ideas (and I’m always thinking of new things that COULD make an extra difference)

Because absence of evidence is not evidence of absence 

And it’s exactly why I invest in coaches myself who’ve worked with tons of other people and have clinical and practical experience.

But if a witch doctor violates or contradicts key principles of science with a whacky diet (that you probably can’t even stick to)

I’m always a bit skeptical 

I mean, this is your body (you only get one. As far as I know)

If I walked into NASA with a new idea to get everyone up on Mars which violated everything they’d ever done…

I think I’d soon be thrown out…

And it’s no different with the dieting industry

You see, ‘fat burning’ (where you use fat as energy) isn’t the same as losing body fat

So when I saw someone saying that red wine can increase your ability to burn fat

I was happy…but skeptical 

And it turns out that the study was done in rats…

And that you’d need to drink over 2000 bottles of red wine to get this effect (which would be one hell of a night, indeed!)

Up for the challenge?

So, what I’m leading up to is this:

Always be skeptical

^^^ Even with the stuff I say (I’m not always right)

And whatever you decide to do to lose weight, keep it off and tone it up so you can have the energy to do more of the things you want to do with your family (and life)

you have to be thriving and healthy FIRST

And to do this— it has to fit your lifestyle (so you can stick to the diet and stop piling the weight back on <<< and prove the doubters wrong once and for all)

Which are pretty much the only things I guarantee you in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme

And I’ve got a free trial starting next week to see if you’re are a good it (as it’s not for everyone…you do have to do the work)

To apply, go here: https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

Matt ‘Head Scientist At NASA’ Fruci

PS. I’m only taking on 1 new member from the trial for my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

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