Sunday morning in A & E….

So last weekend we

were staying in a hotel after visiting some family..

There was me and the Fruci family were

Watching the sunset (where’s the weather gone from last weekend? 🌞)

Looking at planes in the sky

And planning a trip abroad for next year…


Things took a little turn for the ‘worse’…

You see, if you know anything about going away with 2 babies?

You’ll know that it’s AT LEAST 4 trips to and from the car to unpack.

(How do such tiny humans need so much ‘stuff’? I literally have room for my T shirt and shorts ha)

So, anyway

I’m bringing  one of the travel ‘pop up’ cots upstairs with a suitcase

And as I bring the suitcase into the room

The door closes, leaving the bottom of the travel cot outside

For about 2 minutes.

I open the door and…

It’s gone…

“who takes a travel cot?”

Anyway, trying not to stress whilst babies are getting tired

And wanting to go to bed …in a bed that is no longer there.

Whilst trying to stay cool in a bedroom where the aircon had broken…

I speak to reception 

Who inform me they will ask the housekeeping team

To see if they picked it up

As they have travel cots that are EXACTLY the same.

And that we will have to move rooms as there is a problem with 

The air con..

So there I am…

Just after unpacking..

Packing up and moving rooms AGAIN..

I know it’s a small thing..

But – wow – it’s so easy to get frustrated with little things like this in the moment…

Especially when you’re a bit tired 

And the hotel staff then tell us they didn’t know where the travel cot is

And suggested:

“you should buy a new one” haha

This was just 2 minutes after a I was charged £14 for a glass of wine and soda water haha

You have to laugh..

Or at least I was…

Until my daughter then wakes up the next day

With a face looking like it’s triple the size of what it was…

Eyes swollen, cheeks ballooned…

She’d had an allergic reaction to 

Some suncream…

So after getting off the phone to them…

 off we went to A & E

(we even missed the hotel breakfast 😉)

Now, all was OK after a few hours…

But it’s always scary seeing any family member not well, right?

Funny thing?

Is how when you have perspective

The cot, the £14 wine and soda water, the broken air con

The little things…

Really don’t matter..

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well, there’s ‘problems’ in life…

And then there’s real problems…

And so often do we get stressed

About things that don’t really warrant the stress and ENERGY 

(which is so precious to you and me)

That we give them,,

So my advice?

Whenever something happens…

Before you push the ‘panic’ button 

And waste energy stressing and worrying 

Put a date in your diary for 3 days time

And call it ‘panic’

And if what you are STILL stressing and worrying about that ‘thing’?

Then panic about it then…

But I can guarantee..

That more often than not..

You won’t even remember what you were worried about..

And the best thing about that?

You can use the energy you would have wasted to control the things

That you can control…

Matt ‘where’s my cot gone’ Fruci

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