Can I really see a difference in 4 weeks?

So I came across a metaphor the other day…

Which is particularly relevant if you ever say or think things like:

 “but I’ve only lost 3lbs so far – I’m so disappointed’ etc

Here it is:

Imagine I offered you £3million in cash right now OR 1p right now that doubles in value every day for just 30 days. 

Which would you choose?

Most people would choose the £3million now because they want the end result NOW. 

So lets say you do that & I get the penny.

Initially you’ll feel pretty smug. 

After one week my penny would be worth just 64p. 

After 2 weeks it’s worth just £81.92.

End of third week my penny is now worth £10,485.76. Not bad. 

But you’re still feeling smug with your instant 3million haha

Fast forward to day 30 though and my penny is now worth £5, 368,709.12 (yep, 5mil).

How is this possible? because of compounding. Google it if you don’t believe pastedGraphic.png😉

This point of this metaphor is this: 

instead of looking for massive ‘wins’ like 

“I need to lose a stone fast” etc 

Focus on the small wins, do them every single day, and let the compounding effect work its magic.

Just like we do in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme.

Here’s what Ali said after just 4-weeks:

“Matt’s knowledge about nutrition, habits and exercise is fantastic. 

The exercise sessions I went to were a revelation to me. 

I used to exercise regularly but had got out of the habit. 

I found the boxing element to be great fun and much more of a work out than I expected. 

He makes every session fun so you don’t know you’re working hard. 

I’ve found the daily nudges to do short fitness challenges and drink water to be so useful that I’ve already incorporated them into my daily routine. 

He really knows how to keep you motivate and to make small changes that are sustainable. 

I’d highly recommend Matt :)”

Small habits, compound effect!

To give you the kickstart to get results like Naomi, Cassie, Julie, Penny, Annette and co HERE

And make your small, daily actions a habit…

Just like Tanya said here:

“Weighed myself and found I’ve lost weight despite not logging food 

(I think my eating habits might be becoming second nature?!)”

Like anything though.

The only way to see if it will work for you?

Is to start TODAY

With some small, simple habits

Matt ‘simple’ Fruci

PS. If you’d like more info on our next 4-Week Kickstart Programmes in Burbage and Marlborough for ladies 40+

Reply with the subject line ‘4-week’ and I’ll get you the details.

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