No more wellies?

“I want wellies oooonnnnnn”

My 2 year old daughter would say every Sunday as

 we get ready for Rugby Tots…

So there I am trying to explain

How running in wellies probably 

Is NOT optimal …to a 2 year old!

She persists..

And I decide to let her find out…

She’d actually fall over a few times

And that’s where I would come in with the annoying 

‘I told you so’ saying like:

“I think it’s because you are wearing wellies’ haha

But the last few weeks we had to miss ruby tots…

Family, weddings, Easter etc..

It had been a good 3 or 4 weeks since we’ve been..

So there I am on Sunday getting Ottilie ready for rugby tots

(military operation to get her fed and there for a 9am on a Sunday…)

Expecting a battle for the wellies on…



Just her trainers.

She didn’t even want to take her little dog teddy. 


I notice she’s WAY more on it, attentive, replying to what they say when they ask questions like

How many hands do you hold a rugby ball with, how many points do you get for a try (which I didn’t even know the answer to haha)

I was actually really surprised…

Just 3 / 4 weeks later?

And my daughter has changed SOOO much..

I hadn’t noticed this at home..

It was only when we went to rugby tots 

That I noticed

Because we had something to compare to..

My point?

Too often do I see ladies

Get disheartened too soon

Simply because they are comparing their ACTUAL progress

To this illusive ‘IDEAL’ / ‘PERFECT’ progress 

That you ‘believe’ is what you should be doing.

Forgetting WHERE  THEY WERE JUST 2, 3, or 4 WEEKS AGO..

Forgetting the progress that you have made

Not just in your weight, body shape

But your HABITS..

Because it is a FACT that doing the small, simple things day in day out

Will give you the results you want

So the secret?

Do something that you find FUN

And fits your lifestyle

So you can stick to it long enough to see the results you want and keep them for good..

And all of a sudden

Watch your confidence grow

Just like Liz said the other day:

“Great week and feel great all down to you and your workouts.

Feels like I will be able to get back to where I was a few years ago


So what if 

The best years are actually ahead?

Wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

Matt ‘no more wellies…for now’ Fruci

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