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Stop stopping?

Stop stopping?

I posted this quote the other day (see image)

Because speaking to so many ladies who are looking to get fit, tone up, improve their mobility and lose weight …

And working with so many ladies like these are:

Is that you think 

You have to train really hard to see any changes..

So there is often ‘no point’

In fact, you often think that unless you can do an hour, it is pointless.

And I have been speaking about this for years.

Even back when I was working in the NHS and Public Health delivering diabetes education.

From nutrition to getting people join me for a one minute resistance band workout in Great Western Hospital. It was amazing to see how many people actually did have 1 minute

And how good they felt after.

And once one person joined in?

So many others did too.


I believe many people are always ‘starting’ something

* Starting to exercise

* Starting to go to bed earlier

* Starting to eat better

Starting, starting, starting

Never finishing.

I see it all of the time…

And something we are currently adding into our accountability 3F system at Fruci Fit

Is a simple concept but super powerful…

Imagine if you could


Imaging how much further ahead we could be if we just STOPPED STOPPING

Crazy right?

And it is going to be for ALL the ladies inside our programmes already

And those wanting to join our next 28 Day Kickstart, specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already

But I need the plan and accountability to do it.

Want more info?

Just reply with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details