Still struggling for motivation? (try this)

Despite the talk of Christmas already creeping in (crazy)…

Don’t forget that there’s still over 3 and a half months left of this year to go. To be a better version of YOU. And even achieve your 2018 New Years Resolution weight loss goal.

Before I go on to help you do this, something that I do want to stress is to ignore what you see on Facebook or Instagram about people who seem so far ahead of you.

I do this, too. It does NOTHING for YOU. In fact, it wastes time that you be investing in you, your heath, how you feel, productivity, work, fitness and family…And remember, that they started off at some time in the same situation. 

So, here’s a few quick things to help:

1) Write down EXACTLY what you want to achieve by the end of the year? – And I’m talking about the process here. Not JUST “I want to lose 12 lbs’ or whatever your goal is.

What about exercising 3 days a week for at least 15 minutes for the rest of 2018

Planning your meals ahead each week so you don’t waste time and money shopping and wondering what and when you’re going to eat?

Track your food to see exactly why you are not getting the results you want? So you can make small changes?

2) WHY do you want to do this? – not just to ‘lose weight’. If it doesn’t inspire you? You’re probably not going to achieve this and take committed action

Here’s a few for me:

“I want to be the example for my daughter rather than tell them to be healthy”

“I don’t want to say ‘my best days are behind me'”

“I want to help people think differently about this fat loss stuff so that they stop blaming themselves, thinking they have no willpower, and don’t have the confidence to do what they want to do in their life”

“Make my family proud and give back for putting their trust in me”

“I don’t want to medicate myself through food for a pick me up”

^^^ These all drive me to do what I do…

And I remind myself when I do feel a bit down that I’ll never regret doing it, but I WILL regret NOT doing it…

Get real and get raw. 

3) If not now, when? When are you going to do it if not now? When is the perfect time? Will their ever be the perfect time? Do you really have forever? 

And if you’re waiting until 2019? Most people fail their New Years Resolution by 12th January each year….

I don’t want you to be one of those people. 

Now, I get that you don’t want to quit.

But sometimes you get stuck because you don’t get results.

You see, genetics, metabolism, age, and being female…all do make it more difficult. 


despite all of this? It actually just comes down to being consistent. 


Knowing why it isn’t working so you can do more of what is required. How much food? Protein? Carbs? Fats? Exercises for your lifestyle? 

People don’t come to me because they like me, they come to me to get results through a step by step plan for their lifestyle based on PRINCIPLES that work.

And this goes for everything. 

I was rubbish at public speaking. I got help. I just didn’t know what I was doing. 

In fact, think of most things you’ve done, how many times do people say to you the first time you do it ‘you are a natural’?

It’s like expecting a baby to walk straight away…

4) If you’re not willing to invest some time in this goal, are you essentially saying that your current situation and staying the same is more important? 

If anything I’ve said relates to you and you want to have a chat what you’ve tried before, your obstacles, motivation, and assumptions that are stopping you from getting the results you want, hit reply and I’ll see if I can help


PS. Whenever you’re ready…
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